Sports Games on DVD and VHS

Superbowl III- NY Jets vs Baltimore 16-3 Jets shock the world with the biggest Superbowl upset ever! (B-)

Superbowl IV- Kansas City vs Minnesota 23-7 Full broadcast in Black and White (Rare) (B)

Superbowl VI- Dallas vs Miami 24-3 Cowboys handle the Dolphins easily (B+/B)

Superbowl VII- Miami vs Washington 14-7 Dolphins beat the Redskins (A-)

Superbowl VIII- Miami vs Minnesota 24-7 Miami running game too powerful (B+)

Superbowl IX-Pittsburgh vs Minnesota 16-6 Steelers too strong defensively (A-)

Superbowl X-Dallas vs Pittsburgh 21-17 The first of 2 great games between these foes! (B+)

Superbowl XI-Oakland vs Minnesota 32-14 Madden's Raiders smash Bud Grants Vikings! (B+)

Superbowl XII-Dallas vs Denver 27-10 Dorsett and Dallas takedown the cinderella Broncos (B+)

Superbowl XIII-Dallas vs Pittsburgh 35-31 Pittsburgh defeats Staubach and Dorsett in a close battle (B)

Superbowl XIV-Pittsburgh vs Los Angeles 31-19 Pittsburgh defeats a youthful Los Angeles squad (A-)

Superbowl XV-Philadelphia vs Oakland 27-10 Plunkett guides Oakland in the victory (B+)

Superbowl XVI-Cincinnati vs San Francisco 26-21 Bengals outplay 49ers but fall short (B)

Superbowl XVII-Miami vs Washington 27-17 Riggins leads the Redskins to victory (B+)

Superbowl XVIII- Washington vs Oakland 38-9 Marcus Allen MVP (B+)

Superbowl XIX-San Francisco vs Miami 38-16 Montana vs Marino! 49ers stomp in 2nd half (A-)

Superbowl XX-New England vs Chicago 46-10 The “46” D thrashes the Patriots attack (B+)

Superbowl XXI-NY Giants vs Denver 39-20 Giants and Simms prevail with big 2nd half over Denver (A-)

Superbowl XXII –Denver vs Washington 42-10 Redskins with over 600 yards of offense (B+)

Superbowl XXIII-SF vs Cincinnati 20-16 Montana leads huge 2 minute drill to upend the tough Bengals (B+)

Superbowl XXIV- San Francisco vs Denver 55-10 The 49ers destroy the horrible Broncos (A-)

Superbowl XXV-NY Giants vs Buffalo 20-19 Giants upset the Bills in the closest Superbowl ever played (B+)

Superbowl XXVI-Washington vs Buffalo 37-24 Powerful Redskins down the Bills in the Metrodome (A-)

Superbowl XXVII-Dallas vs Buffalo 52-17 Cowboys thrash the Bills impressively (A-)

Superbowl XXVIII-Dallas vs Buffalo 30-13 Cowboys with a huge 2nd half beat the Bills again (A-)

Superbowl XXIX-San Diego vs San Francisco 49-26 The powerful 49ers upend the cinderella Chargers (A-)

Superbowl XXX-Pittsburgh vs Dallas 27-17 First exciting Superbowl in years with Cowboys holding on (B+)

Superbowl XXXI-Green Bay vs New England 35-21 Packers get back to the big show with a victory (A)

Superbowl XXXII-Denver vs Green Bay 31-24 Denver pulls off a huge upset over the mighty Packers (B+/B)

Superbowl XXXIII-Denver vs Atlanta 34-19 Denver goes back to back defeating the cinderella Falcons (A-)

Superbowl XXXIV- St. Louis vs Tennessee 23-16 Fantastic Finish! Goes down to final play (A)

Superbowl XXXV- Baltimore vs NY Giants 34-7 Ravens defense swallows the Giants (A-)

Superbowl XXXVI- New England vs St. Louis 20-17 FG at the gun, SuperBowl Classic! (A-)

Superbowl XXXVII- Tampa Bay vs Oakland 48-21 Bucs defense dominates in style (A+)

Superbowl XXXVIII- New England vs Carolina 32-29 A classic!!! Back N' Forth in the 4th quarter (A+)

Superbowl XXXIX- New England vs Philadelphia 24-21 A battle with the Patriots going back to back (A+)

Superbowl XL- Pittsburgh vs Seattle 21-10 Controversial game with little fireworks as Hines Ward grabs the MVP honors (A+)

Superbowl XLI- Indianapolis vs. Chicago 29-17 First time their was 2 black head coaches, first time Indianapolis was in a Super Bowl (A+)

Superbowl XLII- NY Giants vs. New England (HD Widescreen) 17-14 2 Lead changes in final 2 minutes in huge upset (A+)

1970-Dallas at San Francisco (NFC Championship) 17-10 Cowboys upset the 49ers (C+)

1971-St. Louis at San Diego 20-17 Chargers move to 4-1 at home (C+)

1973-Pittsburgh at Miami (MNF) 30-26 Great showdown between 2 powers!! (B-)

1975-Oakland at Miami (MNF) 31-21 Madden and the Raiders defeat the Dolphins (B)
1975-Dallas at Minnesota (NFC Divisional) 17-14 Hail Mary Game!!! Outrageous finish! (B/B-)

1975-Oakland at Pittsburgh (AFC Championship) 16-10 Great defensive battle in the steel city (B)

1976-Pittsburgh at Oakland (AFC Championship) 24-7 Raiders defense takes out the powerful Steelers (B)

1977-Chicago at NY Giants 12-9 (OT) Bears get into the playoffs with OT victory (B)

1977-Minnesota at LA Rams (NFC Divisional) 14-7 “The Mud Bowl” Rams get upset in the mud (B)

1977-Oakland at Denver (AFC Championship) 20-17 Broncos hold off late rally to advance to 1st SB (B+)

1978-Oakland at San Diego 21-20 "The Holy Roller" (JIP) Outrageous final play of the game lifts the Raiders (B+/B)

1978-Kansas City at San Diego 29-23 (OT) Chargers win game on last play of OT (B)

1978-Dallas at St Louis 24-21 (OT) Victory for the powerful Cowboys (B-)

1978-Atlanta at Dallas (NFC Divisional) 27-20 Cowboys hold on in great game (A-/B+)

1978-Houston at Pittsburgh 34-5 (AFC Championship) Turnover plagued game in Three Rivers (B+)

1979-Pittsburgh at Cleveland 51-35 Steelers with nice offensive performance (B/B-)

1979-Dallas at Pittsburgh 14-3 Steelers defense dominates this one (B+)

1979-Oakland at New Orleans (MNF) 42-35 Wild game in the Superdome! Sweet finish (C)

1979-Miami at Pittsburgh (AFC Divisional) 34-14 Steelers win in an impressive fashion (C+)

1979-Houston at San Diego (AFC Divisional) 17-14 Oilers win the TO battle against Fouts (C+)

1979-Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay (NFC Championship) 9-0 Rams go to 1st SB (B+)

1980-Oakland at San Diego 30-24 (OT) This game was recorded from a master. SD victory (B+/B)

1980-San Diego at Oakland 38-24 Plunkett with nice game in the loud Coliseum (C+)

1980-San Diego at Dallas 42-31 Offensive shootout with these teams (B-)

1980-Houston at Oakland (AFC Wildcard) 27-7 Raiders defense steps up (B+)

1980-Oakland at Cleveland (AFC Divisional) 14-12 Cold weather didn’t stop Oakland (B+)

1980-Dallas at Atlanta (NFC Divisional) 30-27 Cowboys beat the Falcons in great game (B+)

1980-Buffalo at San Diego (AFC Divisional) 20-14 Chargers move onto AFC Championship (C-)

1980-Oakland at San Diego (AFC Championship) 34-27 Missing final 2 minutes, Solid game, Charger turnovers allow the Raiders to sneak into the Superbowl (A-)

1981-San Diego at Chicago 20-17 Payton and Da Bears beat Fouts and the Chargers (B-)

1981-Oakland at San Diego (MNF) 23-10 Bolts defense comes up big (C+ Lower Sound)

1981-Buffalo at San Diego 28-27 Buffalo wins this close game in wild San Diego (B/B-)

1981-Kansas City at San Diego 22-20 FG with 16 seconds left in the game lifts the Chargers to victory (B)

1981-Buffalo at NY Jets (AFC Wildcard) 31-27 Fabulous game with upset Buffalo victory (B+)

1981-San Diego at Miami (AFC Divisional) 41-38 OT Possibly greatest game ever! Fouts & Bolts win! (B+)

1981-Buffalo at Cincinnati (AFC Divisional) 28-21 Bengals move onto AFC Championship (C-)

1981-Tampa Bay at Dallas (NFC Divisional) 38-0 The Bucs get brought back down to life in this one

1981-San Diego at Cincinnati (AFC Championship) 27-7 The Bengals beat the Bolts in Icebowl II (B+/B)

1981-Dallas at San Francisco (NFC Championship) 28-27 “The Catch” Montana shines late (B)

1982-Cincinnati at San Diego 50-34 (MNF) Chargers revenge for playoff loss! High scoring game! (D+)

1982-San Diego at San Francisco 41-37 Montana and Fouts in a Classic! (C-)

1982-San Diego at Pittsburgh (Tournament 1st Round) 31-28 Fouts passes for 300+ yards in victory (B)

1982-San Diego at Miami (Tournament 2nd Round) 34-13 Dolphins get revenge for previous year (C+)

1983-San Francisco at Los Angeles Rams 45-35 Montana throws for 358 yards in a victory (D+)

1983-Washington at Green Bay 48-47 (MNF) One of the greatest MNF games ever (B+)

1983-Miami at San Francisco 20-17 Dolphins win in the Stick against Montana (B-)

1983-Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay 27-24 Packers win despite Dickerson’s running game (B+)

1983-San Diego at New York Giants 41-34 Nearly 700 yards of passing (C+)

1983-Washington at San Diego (MNF) 36-28 600+ yards passing in this game!

1983-Detroit at San Francisco (NFC Divisional) 24-23 SF holds on at Candlestick in great game (D+)

1983-Seattle at Los Angeles Raiders (AFC Championship) 30-14 Upstart Hawks are stopped in LA (B+)

1983-San Francisco at Washington (NFC Championship) 24-21 Montana with 300+ in losing effort (B)

1984-San Diego at Green Bay 34-28 700+ yards of passing between the 2 (C+)

1984-Los Angeles at Miami (MNF) 45-34 Dolphins lose despite Marino throwing for 434 yards

1984-Washington at San Francisco (Monday Night) 37-31 (C+)

1984-Dallas at Miami (MNF) 28-21 Dolphins too strong for Cowboys (B)

1984-Miami at San Diego 34-28 Fouts & SD take out Marino in his sophomore season (C+ Lower Sound)

1984-Miami at New England 44-24 Game cuts off with 2 minutes left in game, Dolphins run for over 200 yards and Marino throws for 300+ (A-)

1984-Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay 34-33 Rams win behind Dickerson’s near 300 yards rushing (C+)

1984-San Diego at Los Angeles 33-30 high scoring affair between these rivals (B-)

1984-NY Giants at LA Rams (NFC Wildcard) 16-13 Not enough offense for the Rams in the upset (C-/D+)

1984-Pittsburgh at Denver (AFC Divisional) 24-17 Steelers upset Elway and the Broncos (B+)

1984-NY Giants at San Francisco (NFC Divisional) 21-10 Simms and Giants lose to Montana (B+)

1984-Pittsburgh at Miami (AFC Championship) 45-28 Marino with 400+ in victory (B)

1985-Pittsburgh at San Diego (MNF) 54-44 Record number of points as Chargers take out Steelers (B-)

1985-LA Rams at San Francisco (MNF) 27-20 West coast showdown between these rivals (B)

1985-San Diego at Denver 30-24 (OT) 2 block FG’s in OT give the Broncos the victory against Fouts (C+)

1985-San Francisco at Denver (MNF) 17-16 Another terrific Montana/Elway game! (B)

1985-Chicago at Green Bay 16-10 Bears defense too strong in Lambeau (NFL Full Replay) (A+)

1985-Chicago at Miami (MNF) 38-24 This was the Bears only loss of the year! (B-/C+)

1985-San Diego at Seattle 26-21 Seahawks defeat San Diego (C)

1985-New England at Miami 30-27 Marino holds off the Patriots (B/B-)

1985-Los Angeles at San Diego 40-34 (OT) Fouts with 400+ yards in route to victory (A-)

1985-Seattle at San Diego 49-35 Great offensive shootout featuring Fouts and Krieg (C)

1985-Tampa Bay at Green Bay 21-0 “Huge Snow Game” (B/B-)

1985-New England at Raiders (AFC Divisonal) Late fumble recovery leads Pats to victory (C+/C)

1985-San Francisco at New York (NFC Wildcard) 17-3 Giants takes out Montana's 49ers (B)

1985-New York at Chicago (NFC Divisional) 21-0 Bears shutout yet another opponent (B)

1985-New England at Miami (AFC Championship) 31-14 Pats rush for 255 yard in route to upset (B)

1985-Los Angeles Rams at Chicago (NFC Championship) 24-0 Dickerson gets shutdown (B+/B)

1986-Miami at Los Angeles Rams 37-31 Marino with 399 yards and Dickerson over 100 (B)

1986-Miami at NY Jets 51-45 (OT) Obrien with 479 passing yards, Marino with big game as well (B-)

1986-Tampa Bay at Los Angeles Rams 26-20 Rams victory behind Dickerson’s 251 yards (C)

1986-Pittsburgh at Cleveland 37-31 (OT) Browns win on long pass in OT behind Kosar (C+/C)

1986-Miami at NY Jets 51-45 (OT) This is the famous seesaw game in which the Jets prevail in the end (D+)

1986-San Francisco at NY Giants (NFC Divisional) 49-3 Giants destroy the 49ers (B+)

1986-Denver at Cleveland (AFC Championship) “The Drive" 23-20 (OT) Denver upsets the Browns (B+)

1987-San Diego at Denver 24-0 Snow game in Denver (C+)

1987-Minnesota at San Francisco (NFC Divisional) 36-24 Vikings pull off a huge upset of the 49ers (B/B-)

1987-Cleveland at Denver (AFC Championship) "The Fumble" 38-33 sweet finish with these 2! (B/B-)

1988-Cincinnati at Kansas City 31-28 KC takes down the powerful AFC Bengals (B-)

1988-San Francisco at New Orleans 34-33 49ers win in the opening week of the NFL (C+)

1988-San Francisco at LA Rams 24-21 49ers win on the road (B/B-)

1988-Seattle at LA Raiders 43-37 This game features Bo Jackson (C+)

1988-LA Raiders at Denver (MNF) 30-27 (OT) One of the better Monday Night games played

1988-Houston at Cleveland (AFC Wildcard) 24-23 Oilers and Moon win in the Dawgpound (B-)

1988-Philadelphia at Chicago (NFC Divisional) 20-12 “The Fog Bowl” (B+)

1988-Indianapolis at Cleveland (AFC Divisional) 38-21 Big 4th quarter for Browns in win (C+)

1988-Seattle at Cincinnati (AFC Divisional) 21-13 Bengals hold on at home behind Woods (C+)

1988-Buffalo at Cincinnati (AFC Championship) 21-10 Bengals defense shuts down the Bills (B-)

1989-San Francisco at Los Angeles Rams (MNF) 30-27 49ers hang on in 2nd half in great game! (B+)

1989-Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 41-10 Cincy pounds their rivals in the Jungle (B-)

1989-San Francisco at Philadelphia 38-28 Missing final 2 minutes of game (B)

1989-San Francisco at Indianapolis 30-24 Exciting game in Indy (B/B-)

1989-Los Angeles Raiders at San Diego (SNF) 14-12 Bo Jackson isn’t enough in this one (B+)

1989-Buffalo at Houston 47-41 OT Wild ass game in the House of Pain (B/B-)

1989-Pittsburgh at Houston (AFC Wildcard) 26-23 (OT) Steelers upset the Oilers in the House of Pain (B-)

1989-Buffalo at Cleveland 34-30 (AFC Divisional) Huge INT at the goaline at the end of the game! (C+)

1989-Cleveland at Denver (AFC Championship) 37-21 and still has problems with the Broncos (C+)

1989-LA Rams at San Francisco (NFC Championship) 49ers hold Rams to 156 total yards (C+)

1990-San Diego at NY Jets 39-3 Chargers rush for over 200 yards

1990-Cincinnati at Seattle (MNF) 31-16 Seahawks look sharp in victory in the Dome (B+/B)

1990-Buffalo at Houston (MNF) 27-24 Oilers beat the powerful Bills in the House of Pain (A-)

1990-San Diego at Dallas 17-14 Cowboys comeback in 4th qtr behind Smith and Aikman (A-)

1990-Houston at Kansas City 27-10 Moon passes for over 500 yards! (C-)

1990-Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans (MNF) 20-17 Rams outplay Saints but lose again

1990-Cincinnati at Los Angeles Rams 34-31 (OT) Esiason and Everett both over 300 yards passing (B+)

1990-Seattle at Denver 34-31 (OT) Elway with late comeback and an overtime victory (B-/C+)

1990-San Francisco at Atlanta 45-35 Great offensive game featuring Montana and Miller (B+)

1990-Kansas City at San Diego 24-21 Chiefs basically clinch the AFC west in wild game (B+)

1990-Pittsburgh at Denver 24-23 (AFC Divisional) Elway does it again! (B)

1990-Raiders at Buffalo (AFC Championship) 51-3 Bills rack up 500+ yards of offense!! Impressive!!! (B/B-)

1990-New York at San Francisco (NFC Championship) 15-13 Huge fumble and the G's pull off the upset (A-)

1991-San Diego at Kansas City 20-17 (OT) Missing the OT, great game! (B+)

1991-Miami at Cleveland (MNF) 27-23 Loud crowd, Dolphins get TD w/under 10 sec left (B)

1991-Miami at Buffalo 35-31 Kelly with 397 yards and Thomas with big game in victory (A-/B+)

1991-Philadelphia at Cleveland 32-30 Philly goes into Cleveland and beats Kosar & The Browns (B-/C+)

1991-Atlanta at New Orleans (NFC Wildcard) 27-20 Chris Miller leads the Falcons to the upset victory (B/B-)

1991-Miami at Buffalo (AFC Divisional) 44-34 Bills victory in the snow (B+/B)

1991-Houston at Denver (AFC Divisional) 26-24 Elway with another late comeback win (B+)

1991-Denver at Buffalo (AFC Championship) 10-7 Defensive battle with Defense TD to win the game (B/B-)

1992-San Diego at Denver 21-13 Elway and Denver take down the Bolts

1992-Los Angeles Raiders at San Diego 27-3 (SNF) Chargers smash the Raiders (A/A-)

1992-Miami at Seattle 19-17 Dolphins win in the Kingdome (A-)

1992-Kansas City at Denver 20-19 Broncos win with another Elway comeback (B)

1992-Dallas at Denver 31-27 Smith with big game en route to victory in Mile High (A-/B+)

1992-Kansas City at San Diego 24-10 KC beats San Diego on opening day (A)

1992-San Diego at Kansas City 14-13 Game starts on the 5 min. mark of the 1st qtr (JIP)…no score (A)

1992-Kansas City at San Diego (AFC Wildcard) 17-0 Chargers win behind the home crowd (A-)

1992-Houston at Buffalo (AFC Wildcard) 41-38 OT Biggest comeback in the history of the NFL (B-)

1992-San Diego at Miami (Divisional playoffs) 31-0 Dolphins smack upstart Chargers (A)

1992-Dallas at San Francisco (NFC Championship) 30-20 Dallas overpowers the niners (A/A-)

1992-Buffalo at Miami (AFC Championship) 29-10 Buffalo smashes Miami on the road (A/A-)

1993-Kansas City at San Diego 17-14 Another Montana comeback Missing Final 1:12/no scoring (A)

1993-San Diego at Kansas City 28-24 Montana! Missing final 2:18, but no scoring after that (A-)

1993-Miami at Dallas 16-14 Wild snow game on thanksgiving day, Leon Lett game (A-)

1993-Green Bay at San Diego 20-13 Upstart Packers and Favre beat San Diego at night (A/A-)

1993-Chicago at San Diego (SNF) 16-13 Bears upset Chargers in close game (A)

1993-Pittsburgh at Cleveland 28-23 Metcalf w/2 punt returns for TD’s Great atmosphere (B-/C+)

1993-Miami at San Diego (MNF) 45-20 SD gets revenge on the Dolphins on Monday Night (A/A-)

1993-San Diego at Indianapolis (MNF) 31-0 San Diego dismantles the Colts in the Dome (A/A-)

1993-San Diego at Tampa Bay 32-17 Chargers end the season on a winning note (A-)

1993-Pittsburgh at Kansas City (AFC Wildcard) 27-24 (OT) Montana guides the Chiefs to victory (B+)

1993-Green Bay at Detroit (NFC Wildcard) 28-24 Favre hits Sharpe with 40 yard TD late (B+/B)

1993-New York Giants at San Francisco (NFC Divisional) 44-3 (Edited Huddles) (B)

1993-Kansas City at Houston (AFC Divisional) 28-20 Comeback behind Montana (Edited Huddles) (B)

1993-Kansas City at Buffalo (AFC Championship) 30-13 (Edited Huddles) (B)

1993-San Francisco at Dallas (NFC Championship) 38-21 (Edited Huddles) (B)

1994-Miami at Buffalo 21-11 Missing most of the 1st half (B+/B)

1994-Kansas City at San Diego 20-6 Chargers win big with their throwback to the old uniforms (B+/B)

1994-Buffalo at Pittsburgh (MNF) 23-10 Jim Kelly gets crushed in Pittsburgh (B+)

1994-Green Bay at Detroit 34-31 Barry Sanders and Brett Favre with big games (B+/B)

1994-San Diego at Los Angeles 26-24 Carney last second FG gives Chargers a big one in LA (B+/B)

1994-San Diego at New Orleans 36-22 Chargers victory with 198 yards on the ground (B+)

1994-San Francisco at Kansas City 24-17 Montana gets revenge on his former team (B+)

1994-San Diego at NY Jets 21-6 Chargers win easy in the Meadowlands (A)

1994-Tampa Bay at Detroit 14-9 Sanders runs for over 200 yards (A-)

1994-Houston at Pittsburgh (MNF) 30-14 Steelers’s defense looks impressive (B+)

1994-Kansas City at Denver (MNF) 31-28 Montana with 393 yards wins it with nearly no time left, also have NFL full replay version which is an A+ (B+)

1994-Philadelphia at San Francisco 40-8 49ers last defeat of this season (A/A-)

1994-San Diego at Seattle 24-10 (JIP) Chargers with 99 yard TD pass in victory (B+)

1994-San Francisco at San Diego 38-15 Edited Huddles (A)

1994-San Diego at Kansas City 14-13 Chargers escape with an upset in Kansas City (A)

1994-San Diego at Denver (SNF) 37-34 Chargers upset the Broncos on opening night (A)

1994-Detroit at Dallas 20-17 (OT) Barry Sanders, Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Irvin (B)

1994-Los Angeles at San Diego (MNF) (Edited Huddles) 24-17 The Raiders upset the Division leader (A/A-)

1994-Jim Rome interview with Jim Everett on ESPN “The Fight” (B+)

1994-Pittsburgh at San Diego 37-34 Carney’s GW FG gets Chargers Division on final week (B+)

1994-New England at Cleveland (AFC Wildcard) 20-13 (Edited Huddles) (B+)

1994-Detroit at Green Bay (NFC Wildcard) 16-12 (Edited Huddles) (B+)

1994-Kansas City at Miami (AFC Wildcard)(Edited Huddles) Montana vs Marino (B+)

1994-Chicago at Minnesota (NFC Wildcard) 35-18 (Edited Huddles) (B+)

1994-Miami at San Diego (AFC Divisional playoff) 22-21 Last minute TD sparks Chargers comeback from 21-6 down in the 2nd half. Excellent offensive game! (A/A-)

1994-Cleveland at Pittsburgh (AFC Divisional) 29-9 (Edited Huddles) (B+)

1994-Chicago at San Francisco (NFC Divisonal) 44-15 (Edited Huddles) (B+)

1994-Green Bay at Dallas (NFC Divisional) (Edited Huddles) 35-9 Cowboys smash Favre (B+)

1994-San Diego at Pittsburgh (AFC Championship) 17-13 Chargers get a huge upset in Three Rivers (A-)

1994-Dallas at San Francisco (NFC Championship) (Edited Huddles) 38-28 49ers get back to the SB (A)

1995-San Diego at Philadelphia 27-21 Seau returns one for a TD and wins on the road (A)

1995-Miami at San Diego (SNF) 24-14 Marino gets revenge for previous playoff loss (A)

1995-San Diego at Seattle 35-25 Humphries with nice game (A/A-)

1995-Buffalo at Cleveland 22-19 (MNF) Bills use strong running game to win in Cleveland (B-)

1995-San Diego at Oakland 17-7 Raiders 1st game back in Oakland! Loud crowd the whole game!! (A)

1995-San Francisco at Indianapolis 18-17 Colts beat the defending champs (B+)

1995-Dallas at Oakland 34-21 Aikman and Smith win in the Raider Coliseum in this battle (A-)

1995-Kansas City at San Diego 22-7 Chiefs beat up the Bolts, missing final couple minutes (A-)

1995-San Diego at Denver 30-27 Chargers with big comeback but Broncos and Elway win late (A/A-)

1995-San Diego at NY Giants 27-17 Chargers beat the Giants in the "Snowball" game (A-)

1995-Oakland at Kansas City 23-17 (OT) Balanced attack by the Chiefs gets them the victory

1995-Washington at Denver 38-31 Broncos win with late Elway drive (A-)

1995-Seattle at San Diego 14-10 Chargers with lots of yards but not many points (A)

1995-Oakland at San Diego (Sunday Night) 12-6 Chargers stay alive for playoffs (A)

1995-San Diego at Kansas City (MNF) 29-23 Fantastic game, Chiefs force OT and win on return (A-)

1995-Arizona at San Diego 28-25 Edited Huddles, Chargers just get past pesky Cardinals (A)

1995-San Diego at Indianapolis 27-24 Fabulous game late in the year! Important for both teams (A-)

1995-Detroit at Philadelphia (NFC Wildcard) 58-37 (Edited Huddles) The Eagles outlast the Lions (A-)

1995-Green Bay at San Francisco (NFC Divisional) 27-17 Green Bay upsets the 49ers on the road (B+)

1995-Indianapolis at San Diego (AFC Wildcard) 35-20 The Colts upset the Chargers at the murph (A/A-)

1995-Buffalo at Pittsburgh (AFC Divisional) 40-21 (Edited Huddles) Pittsburgh beats the Bills(B+/B)

1995-Philadelphia at Dallas (NFC Divisional) 30-11 Dallas beats down Philly in Texas (Edited Huddles) (B+)

1995-Indianapolis at Kansas City (AFC Divisional) 10-7 Colts shock the 13-3 Chiefs (Edited Huddles) (B+)

1995-Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (AFC Championship) 20-16 The Steelers barely escape in this one (A/A-)

1995-Green Bay at Dallas (NFC Championship) 38-27 Dallas with home field victory, missing final 1:45 seconds of game, no scoring during that time (B+)

1996-San Diego at Oakland 40-34 Humphries with 4 TD passes (A)

1996-San Diego at Kansas City 28-14 Chargers upset the Chiefs in Arrowhead (A)

1996-Denver at San Diego (SNF) 16-10 Elway falls short in the Murph (B+/B)

1996-New England at Baltimore 46-38 Bledsoe blows up in Pats victory (A-)

1996-Detroit at San Diego (MNF) 27-21 Chargers outlast Barry Sanders and the Lions (A-)

1996-Dallas at Carolina (NFC Divisional) 26-17 Panthers move to 9-0 at home! (A-)

1996-Jacksonville at Buffalo (Wildcard) 30-27 Missing opening kickoff, Jags shock the Bills (A-)

1996-Philadelphia at San Francisco (NFC Wildcard) 14-0 (A-)

1996-Jacksonville at Denver (AFC Divisonal) 30-27 Jags upset 14-2 Broncos

1996-Jacksonville at New England (AFC Championship) 20-6 This was a great game folks! (A/A-)

1996-Carolina at Green Bay (NFC Championship) 30-13 Packers stop the upstart Panthers (A-)

1997-Cincinnati at Philadelphia 44-42 Philly wins this high scoring exciting game (B+)

1997-San Diego at Oakland 25-10 Chargers upset the Raiders in Oakland (B+)

1997-Green Bay at Indianapolis 41-38 Indy pulls off a HUGE upset of the champion Packers (C+)

1997-Pittsburgh at New England 24-21 Victory by Steelers behind 138 yards rushing (A-)

1997-Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (SNF) 24-22 Colts play Steelers tough at night (B+)

1997-San Diego at Kansas City (TNF) 31-3 Chiefs destroy San Diego at night (A)

1997-Minnesota at NY Giants (NFC Wildcard) 23-22 Vikings come back from 19-3 deficit (A-)

1997-Jacksonville at Denver (AFC Wildcard) 42-17 Missing final minute, Denver rushes for 300+ yards (A-)

1997-Miami at New England (AFC Wildcard) 17-3 Missing 1st 3 minutes (A/A-)

1997-Denver at Kansas City (AFC Divisional) 14-10 Chiefs get upset in Arrowhead! (A-)

1997-Denver at Pittsburgh (AFC Championship) 24-21 Denver gets back to the Superbowl (A-)

1997-Green Bay at San Francisco (NFC Championship) 23-10 GB with the upset and advances to the SB (B+)

1998-Jacksonville at Chicago 24-23 Jville holds off the challenging Bears (A)

1998-NY Jets at San Francisco 36-30 Hearst with big run in OT rallying the niners (A)

1998-Kansas City at San Diego 38-37 Chargers win this thriller of a game (B+)

1998-Dallas at Arizona 35-28 Plummer throws for over 448 yards in a losing effort (A-)

1998-Kansas City at Denver 35-31 Great Mile High game featuring Elway and Gannon (A-/B+)

1998-Minnesota at Tampa Bay 27-24 Tampa hands Minnesota their only regular season loss (A-/B+)

1998-Denver at San Diego (Sunday Night) 31-16 Turnover plagued game goes to Denver (B)

1998-Arizona at Minnesota (Divisional playoffs) 41-21 The Vikings take care of the upstart Cardinals (A-)

1998-San Francisco at Atlanta (NFC Divisional playoffs) 20-18 The Falcons survive the powerful niners (A-)

1998-Jacksonville at NY Jets (AFC Divisional playoffs) 31-24 The Jets hang on against the Jags (A-)

1998-Atlanta at Minnesota (NFC Championship) 30-27 Atlanta pulls off a gigantic upset (A)

1998-Jets at Denver (AFC Championship) 23-10 Denver goes to the Superbowl once again (A)

1999-Dallas at Washington 41-35 (OT) Great game in this opening week (B+)

1999-Minnesota at Atlanta 17-14 JIP in the 2nd qtr Vikings beat the NFC Champs in this rematch (A-/B+)

1999-Pittsburgh at Cleveland 43-0 The Browns return to the NFL and get smoked (A-)

1999-Seattle at San Diego 13-10 Carney hits FG at the gun and bolts take over 1st place (B+)

1999-Washington at Arizona 24-10 (SNF) The Redskins win easily in the desert (A-)

1999-Buffalo at Miami 23-18 (MNF) Bills look impressive on Monday Night (A-)

1999-San Diego at Detroit 20-10 Chargers win in the Silverdome (A)

1999-Green Bay at San Diego 31-3 The Pack thrash the Chargers in the murph (A)

1999-Denver at San Diego 33-17 Close game till Chargers muff a punt late in the game (A)

1999-Dallas at Minnesota 27-17 (MNF) Moss and Carter too much for the Cowboys (A-)

1999-Oakland at Seattle 22-21 (SNF) Raiders miss long FG at the gun (A)

1999-Tennessee at Miami 17-0 (SNF) The Dolphins make the Titans look stupid (A-)

1999-San Francisco at Arizona (MNF) 24-10 Young gets knocked out but niners win (A)

1999-Miami at Indianapolis 34-31 Fabulous game! Dolphins get big call late and win!

1999-Tampa Bay at Detroit 20-3 (SNF) Halloween brings joy to the Lions this night (A)

1999-Ny Jets at Miami (MNF) 38-31 Jets look good in Pro Player on their way to victory (B+/B)

1999-Seattle at Green Bay 27-7 (MNF) The Seahawks go into Lambeau and thrash the Pack (A)

1999-San Diego at Minnesota 35-27 Offensive showdown with 700+ passing yards

1999-Chicago at Detroit (Thanksgiving) 21-17 Bears come up short in the Silverdome (A)

1999-Denver at Seattle (SNF) 20-17 The Seahawks take down the defending champs (A)

1999-Denver at Jacksonville (MNF) 27-24 Jville trailed by 14 but won it at the gun (A)

1999-Green Bay at Minnesota (MNF) 24-20 The Vikings win this battle of 7-6 rivals (A)

1999-Buffalo at Tennessee (AFC Wildcard) 22-16 “Music City Miracle” The Famous lateral game (A-)

1999-Tennessee at Indianapolis (AFC Divisional) 19-16 Manning and the Colts are upset (A)

1999-Miami at Jacksonville (AFC Divisional) 62-7 Jags annihilate the old Dolphins (A/A-)

1999-Washington at Tampa Bay (NFC Divisional) 14-13 Bucs move on to the NFC title game (A-)

1999-Minnesota at St. Louis (NFC Divisional) 49-37 Missing final 2 minutes of game (A-)

1999-Tampa Bay at St. Louis (NFC Championship) 11-6 Warner with late bomb (A-)

1999-Tennessee at Jacksonville (AFC Championship) 33-14 Titans go to their first Superbowl (A+)

2000-San Diego at Oakland 9-6 Chargers blow late lead while Leaf struggles (A)

2000-Tennessee at Buffalo 16-13 (SNF) Bills take out defending AFC Champs (A)

2000-Denver at St. Louis 41-36 (MNF) Perhaps the game of the year on the 1st Monday Night Game! (A/A-)

2000-Baltimore at Miami 19-6 (SNF) LOTS of Rain in this one! Sloppy game with Fins prevailing (A-)

2000-San Diego at Kansas City 42-10 Chiefs thrash the Chargers in the 2nd Half (A)

2000-New Orleans at San Diego 28-27 Saints come back in the 2nd half to win! (A)

2000-Jacksonville at Indianapolis 43-14 (MNF) Manning breaks his record for passing yards (A/A-)

2000-Washington at NY Giants 16-6 (SNF) Skins take out the 1st place Giants in the Meadowlands (A-)

2000-Baltimore at Tennessee 24-23 Del Greco with crucial misses in this classic showdown (A-)

2000-NY Jets at Tampa Bay 21-17 Jet victory after a couple late TD’s, great finish!

2000-Tampa Bay at Minnesota (MNF) 30-23 Fabulous game with the Vikings remaining undefeated (A-

2000-Seattle at Kansas City (MNF) 24-17 Chiefs come back in 2nd Half to win (A-)

2000-San Diego at Baltimore 21-3 Ravens punish the Chargers (A-)

2000-Minnesota at Chicago (SNF) 28-16 The Vikings take it to the Bears in Soldier Field (A)

2000-St. Louis at NY Giants 38-24 Warner guides the Rams to victory in the Meadowlands

2000-Jacksonville at Tennessee (MNF) 27-13 Rematch of the AFC Championship (A)

2000-Washington at St. Louis (MNF) Great game as the Skins take out the offensive Rams (A-)

2000-Minnesota at Green Bay (MNF) 26-20 (OT) The “Catch” of the Year by Freeman in OT (A/A-)

2000-Oakland at Denver (MNF) 27-24 Missing opening kickoff Denver kicks FG at the Gun to win (A/A-)

2000-Miami at NY Jets (MNF) 40-37 Jets come from WAY back to win this one. Classic! (C+) Also have the NFL Classics Full Version which is A+

2000-Oakland at San Diego 15-13 Raiders kick late FG to survive the Chargers (A/A-)

2000-Carolina at St. Louis 27-24 The Panthers give the Rams their first home loss in over a year (A)

2000-Indianapolis at Miami 20-13 Good defensive battle (A/A-)

2000-Jacksonville at Pittsburgh (SNF) 34-24 Taylor rushes all over the Steelers (A/A-)

2000-Minnesota at St. Louis 40-29 Rams take out Vikings again (A/A-)

2000-St. Louis at New Orleans 26-21 Rams win to get in the playoffs in hard fought battle (A)

2000-Minnesota at Indianapolis 31-10 Colts win to stay alive in playoff chase (A)

2000-Indianapolis at Miami (AFC Wildcard) 23-17 (OT) Dolphins come back and win in OT (B+)

2000-Denver at Baltimore (AFC Wildcard) 21-3 Lewis rushes for 110 yards (A-)

2000-St. Louis at New Orleans (NFC Wildcard) 31-28 Saints get revenge for previous week’s loss (A-)

2000-Baltimore at Tennessee (AFC Divisional) 24-10 Probably best game of playoffs, ruckus atmosphere! (A)

2000-Philadelphia at NY Giants (NFC Divisional) 20-10 Giants defense holds off upstart Eagles (A)

2000-New Orleans at Minnesota (NFC Divisional) 34-16 Vikings look good in victory (A)

2000-Miami at Oakland (AFC Divisional) 27-0 Raiders defense looks awesome in shutout (A)

2000-Baltimore at Oakland (AFC Championship) 16-3 Ravens pull off huge upset!! (A-)

2000-Minnesota at NY Giants (NFC Championship) 41-0 Giants THRASH the Vikes! (B+)

2001-Washington at San Diego 30-3 Chargers open up season with the thrashing of the Redskins (A/A-)

2001-Miami at Tennessee (SNF) 31-23 The underdog Dolphins win in Adelphia (A)

2001-San Diego at Dallas 32-21 Flutie with big day week after Sept 11 attacks (A/A-)

2001-San Diego at Cleveland 20-16 Missing 1st 8 minutes of game Couch with late TD to complete the comeback (A-)

2001-Buffalo at San Diego 27-24 Flutie magic ends this terrific game (A-)

2001-Denver at San Diego 27-10 Chargers defense shuts down Griese (A-)

2001-Oakland at Indianapolis 23-18 (SNF) Raiders get some key interceptions on Manning (A-)

2001-Indianapolis at Kansas City 35-28 (TNF) Lots of 2nd half scoring (A/A-)

2001-Baltimore at Tennessee (MNF) 16-10 One of the craziest finishes of the year, goes down to last play (A-)

2001-Cleveland at Chicago 27-21 Bears score 2 TD’s in last 30 seconds, hail mary! Classic finish!! (B+/B)

2001-Denver at Oakland (MNF) 38-28 Raiders with good offensive effort (A)

2001-St. Louis at New England (SNF) 24-17 Rams hold on in Foxboro cause of Smith’s fumble (A-)

2001-Kansas City at San Diego 25-20 Brees brings the Chargers back but the Chiefs score late to win (A)

2001-NY Giants at Denver (MNF) 31-20 Broncos first game ever at their new stadium (A)

2001-NY Jets at New Orleans (SNF) 16-9 The Kyle Turley game…good finish in this one! (A-/B+)

2001-San Diego at New England 29-26 (OT) Pats come from 10 down in final 5 min to win in OT (A-)

2001-Arizona at San Diego 20-17 Plummer guides the Cards down for a FG at the gun (A-)

2001-San Diego at Oakland 34-24 Gruden and the Raiders win this one (B+)

2001-San Diego at Seattle 13-10 (OT) Seahawks miss FG in regulation to win it but get it in OT (A-)

2001-Tampa Bay at St. Louis (MNF) 24-17 Bucs defense tears down Warner and the Rams (A-)

2001-San Francisco at Indianapolis 40-21 multiple Colt turnovers gives the Niners the victory (A)

2001-San Diego at Denver 26-16 Broncos force Flutie into 4 INT’s (A-)

2001-San Diego at Philadelphia 24-14 McNabb struggles but gets victory for Eagles (B+)

2001-Pittsburgh at Baltimore (SNF) 26-21 Steelers dominate this important battle (A)

2001-Oakland at San Diego 13-6 Chargers fall short with some dumb turnovers (A)

2001-Philadelphia at San Francisco 13-3 49ers with big win for playoff consideration (A/A-)

2001-Miami at New England 20-13 Final regular season game at Foxboro (A)

2001-San Diego at Kansas City 20-17 Chiefs score in final minute to win the game (A-)

2001-Cleveland at Green Bay 30-7 Snowy day in Lambeau creates excitement in this one (A)

2001-Tennessee at Oakland (MNF) 13-10 Titans upset the Raiders in the Coliseum (A)

2001-NY Jets at Indianapolis (SNF) 29-28 Missing most of 3rd qtr/Jets hang on with big win (A)

2001-Tampa Bay at Philadelphia (NFC Wildcard) 31-9 Recording started midway through 2nd qtr (A)

2001-NY Jets at Oakland (AFC Wildcard) 38-24 Raiders put up over 500 yards of offense (A)

2001-San Francisco at Green Bay (NFC Wildcard) 25-15 Most wins ever by 2 wildcard teams (A-)

2001-Baltimore at Miami (AFC Wildcard) 20-3 Ravens defense is awesome in this one (A)

2001-Baltimore at Pittsburgh (AFC Divisional) 27-10 Steelers defense steps up (A)

2001-Philadelphia at Chicago (NFC Divisional) 33-19 McNabb guides the Eagles to the upset (A)

2001-Green Bay at St. Louis (NFC Divisional) 45-17 Favre throws 6 INT’s and Rams destroy the Pack (A-)

2001-Oakland at New England (AFC Divisional) 16-13 (OT) Now known as “The Call” has an amazing ending in the snow in a NFL playoff classic (A-/B+)

2001-New England at Pittsburgh (AFC Championship) 24-17 Patriots advance to their 3rd superbowl (A-)

2001-Philadelphia at St. Louis (NFC Championship) 29-24 Eagles keep it close but fall short (A)

2002-San Francisco at NY Giants (TNF) 16-13 49ers win this defensive battle (A)

2002-Kansas City at Cleveland 40-39 Controversial game with a helmet getting thrown costing the Browns the game by extending the game 1 more play and giving the Dog Pound the victory (A-)

2002-San Diego at Cincinnati 34-6 Chargers destroy the Bengals in the Jungle (A)

2002-St. Louis at Denver 23-16 Broncos upset the defending NFC Champions (A)

2002-Dallas at Houston (SNF) 19-10 The Texans win their inaugural game (A-)

2002-Kansas City at New England 41-38 (OT) Offensive showdown in Foxboro (A-)

2002-Philadelphia at San Francisco (MNF) 38-17 Eagles thrash the 49ers (A+)

2002-Oakland at Pittsburgh (SNF) 30-17 Gannon with 60+ attempts in route to victory (A)

2002-Houston at San Diego 24-3 Chargers with 9 sacks in their home debut (A/A-)

2002-Philadelphia at Washington (MNF) 37-7 McNabb and Philly smokes the skins (A/A-)

2002-New England at Pittsburgh (MNF) 30-14 Gannon and the Raiders air it out (A)

2002-Denver at Kansas City 37-34 (OT) Shannon Sharpe was great! Superb game! (A-)

2002-San Diego at Arizona 25-18 Cards with late comeback but fall short in the desert (A)

2002-St. Louis at Tampa Bay (MNF) 26-14 The Bucs defense looks great on Monday Night (A/A-)

2002-New England at San Diego 21-14 Tomlinson over 200 yards in defeat of the champions (A)

2002-Minnesota at Seattle (SNF) 48-13 Seattle’s new stadium at night in a thrashing of the Vikings (A)

2002-San Diego at Denver 26-16 Broncos dominate the undefeated Chargers (A)

2002-Green Bay at New England 28-10 Packers upset the defending champs (A/A-)

2002-Kansas City at San Diego 35-34 Chargers with 4th quarter comeback and score TD with under 20 seconds left in game, great finish! (A/A-)

2002-San Francisco at San Diego 20-17 (OT) Chargers come from 10 down in the 4th and win in OT (A)

2002-Miami at Denver (SNF) 24-22 Great finish as Mare kicks game winning FG (A)

2002-San Diego at Oakland 27-21 (OT) Chargers pull off upset in OT in the Black Hole (A/A-)

2002-Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (MNF) 28-10 Steelers look good against Colts on Monday night (A)

2002-San Francisco at Seattle (MNF) 28-21 The Famous Terrell Owens autographed football game (A)

2002-New York Giants at Philadelphia (MNF) 17-3 Defensive battle with Eagle victory (A)

2002-Denver at San Diego 30-27 (OT) Fantastic game, recording on the final FG starts while the kick is going through the upright, back n forth game with Tomlinson and Portis stealing the show (A)

2002-Tampa Bay at New Orleans (SNF) 23-20 Saints upset the mighty Bucs (A/A-)

2002-San Francisco at Oakland 23-20 (OT) 49ers escape the Black Hole with a victory (A/A-)

2002-Indianapolis at Denver (SNF) 23-20 (OT) Great snow game as the Colts win it in dramatic fashion (A)

2002-Miami at Buffalo 38-21 Great offensive game, heavy snow comes in the 2nd half (B-)

2002-Oakland at Denver (MNF) 34-10 Missing 1st 8 minutes of game, Raider victory (A)

2002-Miami at Tennessee 31-23 Dolphins and Titans clash (A)

2002-New England at Oakland (SNF) Title on DVD says Raiders at Broncos, it’s actually NE at Oakland (A-)

2002-Kansas City at Denver 31-24 Chiefs comeback but fall short in Invesco (A+)

2002-Green Bay at Tampa Bay 21-7 Bucs win this big battle of 1st place teams (A)

2002-San Diego at St. Louis 28-24 Rams pull off big comeback late (A)

2002-Oakland at San Diego 27-7 Raiders pull into 1st place with this dominating victory (A)

2002-San Diego at Buffalo 20-13 Flutie ignites the Chargers but they fall short (A)

2002-San Diego at Kansas City 24-22 Chargers come back but fall with late FG (A-)

2002-Philadelphia at NY Giants 10-7 (OT) Giants win in OT and get into the playoffs (A)

2002-Kansas City at Oakland 24-0 Muddy game in Oakland as Raiders secure homefield in AFC (A)

2002-Atlanta at Cleveland 24-16 Sweet game with Browns stop Atl on 4th & Goal to get into playoffs (A-/B+)

2002-Green Bay at NY Jets 42-17 Jets win the division with victory and Dolphins loss. WOW! (A-)

2002-NY Jets at New England 30-17 (SNF) Jets win on the road (A/A-)

2002-Denver at Oakland 28-16 Raiders win the AFC West (B+)

2002-Seattle at San Diego 31-28 (OT) Missing 1st 4-5 minutes; Seahawks and Chargers in OT dandy (A)

2002-Miami at New England 27-24 (OT) Dolphins choke their playoff chances (A)

2002-Atlanta at Green Bay (NFC Wildcard) 27-7 Vick wins in Lambeau in the snow (B+)

2002-Indianapolis at NY Jets (AFC Wildcard) 41-0 Jets smash Manning and the Colts (B+)

2002-Cleveland at Pittsburgh (AFC Wildcard) 36-33 Steelers come from 12 down in the final minutes (A/A-)

2002-NY Giants at San Francisco (NFC Wildcard) The famous Botched Kick game featuring the No call on the pass interference and one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history by the 49ers (A/A-)

2002-Pittsburgh at Tennessee (AFC Divisional) 34-31 (OT) Classic game with crazy calls and a missed FG called back because of a running into the kicker that decided the game (A+)

2002-San Francisco at Tampa Bay (NFC Divisional) 38-6 Bucs smash the 49ers (A-)

2002-Atlanta at Philadelphia 20-6 (NFC Divisional) The Eagles shut down the mighty Vick (A/A-)

2002-NY Jets at Oakland (AFC Divisional) 30-10 Raiders smash the hot Jets in Oakland (A+)

2002-Tampa Bay at Philadelphia (NFC Championship) 27-10 The Bucs go to their 1st Super Bowl (A+)

2002-Tennessee at Oakland (AFC Championship) 41-24 Raiders head to San Diego (A+)

2003-San Diego at Kansas City 27-14 Chiefs and Priest Holmes look good in Week 1 (A+)

2003-San Diego at Cleveland 26-20 Chargers get 1st win of the year (A)

2003-Tampa Bay at Philadelphia (MNF) 17-0 Missing 1st 4 minutes of game (A+)

2003-Buffalo at Miami (SNF) 17-7 Dolphins defense dominates this one (A+)

2003-Denver at San Diego 37-13 Broncos look good in this one (A+)

2003-Kansas City at Buffalo (SNF) 38-5 Chiefs dismantle the Bills and Bledsoe (A+)

2003-Baltimore at San Diego 24-10 Jamal Lewis leads the Ravens in victory (A)

2003-Oakland at Denver (MNF) 31-10 Broncos beat up on the Raiders (A+)

2003-Indianapolis at New Orleans (SNF) 55-21 Colts destroy the Saints (A+)

2003-Indianapolis at Tampa Bay 38-35 (OT) Amazing Monday night game featuring 21 pt 4th qtr comeback and a missed FG flagged in OT because of leaping and then Indy knocks it through for victory (A+)

2003-San Diego at Jacksonville 27-21 Nearly 700 yards passing in this one! (A)

2003-Denver at Kansas City 24-23 Missing 1st 3 minutes! Dante Hall with unbelievable return! (A-)

2003-Miami vs San Diego (MNF) 26-10 This game was moved to Arizona cause of SD Wildfires (A)

2003-Denver at Minnesota 28-20 Famous Moss Lateral game (A)

2003-St. Louis at San Francisco 30-10 49ers destroy the 1st place Rams (A)

2003-San Diego at Oakland 34-31 (OT) Battle to the end with Raider victory (A-)

2003-Kansas City at Oakland (MNF) 17-10 Goes down to final play!! (A)

2003-New England at Denver (MNF) 30-26 One of the games of the year! (A)

2003-Green Bay at Minnesota (SNF) 30-27 Just a great Sunday Night game (A+)

2003-Indianapolis at Tennessee 29-27 Titans comeback falls short (A+)

2003-Kansas City at Denver 45-27 JIP at the 7 minute mark (A+)

2003-Kansas City at San Diego 28-24 Chiefs take out Chargers in the Murph (A+)

2003-Green Bay at San Diego 38-21 Lots of passing offense in this one between Favre and Brees (A+)

2003-New England at Indianapolis 38-34 Huge Goal Line stand at the end of the game/ Classic! (A+)

2003-Kansas City at Minnesota 45-20 Vikes thrash the Chiefs on a Saturday (A+)

2003-Buffalo at Kansas City (SNF) 38-5 Chiefs look good at night (A+)

2003-Denver at Indianapolis (SNF) 31-17 Broncos keep playoff hopes alive with upset (A+)

2003-Pittsburgh at Baltimore (SNF) 13-10 (OT) Ravens win with FG in OT (B+)

2003-Denver at Green Bay 31-3 Packers get into playoffs with victory (A+)

2003-Tennessee at Baltimore (AFC Wildcard) 20-17 Missing 1st minute of game (A+)

2003-Dallas at Carolina (NFC Wildcard) 29-10 Missing 1st 5 minutes of 2nd half, no scoring missed (A+)

2003-Seattle at Green Bay (NFC Wildcard) 33-27 (OT) Hasselbeck eats his own words and lose in OT (A+)

2003-Denver at Indianapolis (AFC Wildcard) 41-10 Broncos do the talkin, the Colts do the walkin (A+)

2003-Indianapolis at Kansas City (AFC Divisional) 38-31 Colts shock the Chiefs in Arrowhead (A+)

2003-Carolina at St Louis (NFC Divisional) 29-23 (2OT) An absolute classic that goes to 2 overtimes (A+)

2003-Green Bay at Philadelphia (NFC Divisional) 20-17 (OT) McNabb with miracle comeback (A+)

2003-Indianaplis at New England (AFC Championship) 24-14 Homefield advantage in this one (A+)

2003-Carolina at Philadelphia (NFC Championship) 14-3 Panthers go to 1st Super Bowl (A+)

2004-San Diego at Houston 27-20 Good game with Chargers winning the battle (B)

2004-Tampa Bay at Oakland 30-20 (SNF) A battle in the Black Hole (A+)

2004-Indianapolis at New England (SNF) 27-24 Patriots take out the high flying Colts (A+)

2004-Oakland at Pittsburgh 24-21 Great game with Steelers victory (A+)

2004-Kansas City at Baltimore 27-24 (MNF) Good game with Chief victory in tough environment (A+)

2004-Seattle at New England 30-20 Patriots pull away late (A)

2004-Minnesota at New Orleans 38-31 (SNF) Culpepper with 5 TD’s in victory in the Dome (A+)

2004-NY Jets at New England 13-7 Scoreless 2nd half but great battle (A+)

2004-Denver at Cincinnati 23-10 (MNF) The Jungle was rockin tonight!!! (A+)

2004-Indianapolis at Kansas City 45-35 One of the biggest offensive games in history (A)

2004-Minnesota at Indianapolis 31-28 Missing 1st 2 minutes, great game!!! (A+)

2004-San Diego at Kansas City 34-31 Chargers win great offensive game on the road (A+)

2004-New Orleans at San Diego 43-17 Chargers offense blows up on the Saints (A+)

2004-Pittsburgh at Jacksonville (SNF) 17-16 Steelers rally with victory on the road (A+)

2004-San Diego at Oakland 23-17 Chargers hold on in the Black Hole (A+)

2004-Baltimore at Indianapolis (SNF) 20-10 Manning is held in check but Colts win (A+)

2004-Minnesota at Detroit 28-27 Botched Extra point seals it for the Vikes (A)

2004-Jacksonville at San Diego 34-21 Tomlinson with big game (A+)

2004-Tampa Bay at San Diego 31-24 Bolts continue to win, Edwards with late defensive TD (A)

2004-San Diego at Carolina 17-6 Chargers hold off the Panthers on the road (A+)

2004-Carolina at Atlanta 34-31 (Sat Night) (OT) Vick with another big game (A+)

2004-Denver at San Diego 20-17 Chargers win a massive game to gain division control (A-)

2004-San Diego at Cleveland 21-0 Bolts clinch the division in the snow of Cleveland (A+)

2004-San Diego at Indianapolis 34-31 (OT) Manning gets the NFL record 49 TD passes in route to a 15 point comeback and overtime victory. NFL Classic! (A+)

2004-Green Bay at Minnesota 34-31 Packers win in the dome to claim the division (A)

2004-New England at Miami (MNF) 29-28 An incredible comeback over the mighty Patriots (A)

2004-NY Jets at St. Louis 32-29 (OT) Terrific game with Rams victory getting them into playoffs (A+)

2004-St Louis at Seattle (NFC Wildcard) 27-20 Great game going to the final drive in the endzone (A+)

2004-NY Jets at San Diego (AFC Wildcard) 20-17 (OT) Probably best game of playoffs, Chargers come from 10 points down and score with seconds left only to lose in overtime with a missed FG (A+)

2004-Minnesota at Green Bay (NFC Wildcard) 31-17 Vikings win in Lambeau Field (A+/A)

2004-Denver at Indianapolis (AFC Wildcard) 49-24 Manning and Colts overwhelm the Broncos (A)

2004-Indianapolis at New England (AFC Divisional) 20-3 Manning is completely shut down (A)

2004-Minnesota at Philadelphia (NFC Divisional) 27-14 Eagles look good in the divisional (A)

2004-St. Louis at Atlanta (NFC Divisional) 47-17 Falcons and Vick smash the Rams (A+)

2004-NY Jets at Pittsburgh (AFC Divisional) 20-17 (OT) Fabulous game as Jets blow opportunities and Steelers take it in OT (A+)

2005-Oakland at New England 30-20 Patriots win on opening night in the NFL (A)

2005-Dallas at San Diego 28-24 Cowboys with Goal to Go Stand to end game (A+)

2005-San Diego at Denver 20-17 (JIP in 1st Qtr) Sloppy game ending in Broncos FG late (A)

2005-New England at Pittsburgh 23-20 Patriots win in final seconds in Pittsburgh (A)

2005-San Diego at New England 41-17 Chargers end Patriots home winning streak (A+)

2005-NY Giants at San Diego (SNF) 45-23 Tomlinson looks awesome in Bolts victory (A+)

2005-Kansas City at San Diego 28-20 Chargers triumph over the visiting Chiefs (A)

2005-Oakland at Kansas City 27-23 Chiefs score TD on last play of game (A)

2005-San Francisco vs Arizona (From Mexico City) 31-14 Decent game south of the border (A)

2005-New England at Denver 27-13 Broncos handle defending champs with ease (A)

2005-Indianapolis at New England (MNF) 40-21 Colts finally get over this hump (A+)

2005-Pittsburgh at San Diego (MNF) 24-22 Excellent Monday night game with late FG to win it (A+)

2005-San Diego at Washington 23-17 (OT) Chargers come from 10 pts down to win it (A)

2005-Oakland at San Diego (SNF) 34-10 Chargers smash the Raiders at night (A+)

2005-Kansas City at Dallas 31-28 Crazy game with Cowboy late victory (A)

2005-Atlanta at Detroit 27-7 Vick leads the Falcons in the Dome on Thanksgiving (A)

2005-Denver at Dallas 24-21 (OT) Broncos win with big play in OT on Thanksgiving (A)

2005-Denver at Buffalo 28-17 Broncos win in Cold Buffalo at night (A)

2005-Buffalo at San Diego 48-10 Chargers light up the Bills at the Murph (A)

2005-Dallas at NY Giants 17-10 Giants win this important game (A)

2005-San Diego at Indianapolis 26-17 Chargers take out the undefeated 13-0 Colts (A+)

2005-Carolina at NY Giants (NFC Wildcard) 23-0 Panthers shutout the Giants in the Meadowlands (A)

2005-Jacksonville at New England (AFC Wildcard) 28-3 Pats win big (A)

2005-Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (AFC Wildcard) 31-17 Steelers win in the jungle (A)

2005-Pittsburgh at Indianapolis (AFC Divisional) 21-18 Steelers pull off the upset in the Dome (NFL 3 Hour Replay) (A)

2005-Carolina at Seattle (NFC Championship) 34-14 Seahawks dominate at home (A+)

2006-New England at NY Jets 24-17 Jets mount comeback but fall short (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-NY Giants at Philadelphia 30-24 (OT) Amazing comeback by the Giants (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-San Diego at Oakland 27-0 (MNF) Chargers destroy the Raiders in the Black Hole at night (A+)

2006-Buffalo at New England 19-17 Patriots take care of Bills (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Indianapolis at NY Giants 26-21 (SNF) The battle of the Mannings (A+)

2006-New Orleans at Cleveland 19-14 Saints take out the Browns (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Dallas at Jacksonville 24-17 Jags take out the hyped up Cowboys (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 28-20 Bengals get revenge in Pittsburgh (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Atlanta at New Orleans 23-3 (MNF) Saints back in the dome destroy Vick (A)

2006-Chicago at Minnesota 16-13 Bears with late run take out the Vikings (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Carolina at Tampa Bay 26-24 A battle at the ship (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Carolina at Minnesota 16-13 (OT) Vikings with comeback get victory (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-New Orleans at Green Bay 34-27 Brees looks good in Lambeau (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Pittsburgh at Jacksonville 9-0 (MNF) Jags shutout the defending champs (A)

2006-Tennessee at San Diego 40-7 Tomlinson with huge game and Bolts blow out the Titans (A+)

2006-Indianapolis at NY Jets 31-28 Fantastic finish w/ kickoff return (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Detroit at St Louis 41-34 Offensive shootout in the Dome (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Jacksonville at Washington 36-30 (OT) Great game in DC (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-San Diego at Baltimore 16-13 Ravens with late comeback (A)

2006-Pittsburgh at San Diego (SNF) 23-13 Chargers look good in the murph at night (A+)

2006-Jacksonville at Indianapolis 21-14 Jaguars dominate but lose (NFL Network Replay (A+)

2006-Tampa Bay at New Orleans 24-21 Bush with punt return for TD (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-St Louis at San Diego 38-24 High scoring game at the Murph, game starts 2 min into game (B+)

2006-Seattle at St Louis 30-28 Brown with FG at the gun, controversial finish (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Indianapolis at New England 27-20 (SNF) Colts go into Foxboro and win behind Manning (A)

2006-Tampa Bay at Chicago 34-31 (OT) Bucs give the Bears all they got (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Oakland at San Diego 21-14 Chargers with 2 TD’s in the 4th quarter to pull it out (A)

2006-San Diego at San Francisco 48-19 Tomlinson with big game and Chargers roll at the stick (A)

2006-San Diego at Denver 35-27 (SNF) Tomlinson with 4 TD’s and a 17 point 2nd half comeback (A+)

2006-Indianapolis at Denver 34-31 Colts with an aerial attack to defeat the Broncos (A)

2006-Cincinnati at Baltimore 26-20 Ravens hold on against Bengals (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Chicago at NY Giants 38-20 (SNF) Bears with victory in Giants Stadium (A)

2006-San Diego at Cincinnati 49-41 SD with 21 pt comeback in the Jungle and wild offensive game (A+)

2006-Miami at Chicago 31-13 Bears lose their 1st game to the struggling Dolphins (NFL Network Rply) (A+)

2006-Cleveland at San Diego 32-25 Chargers comeback in 2nd half and get victory (A+)

2006-Atlanta at Cincinnati 29-27 Falcons and Vick win in the Jungle (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Philadelphia at Tampa Bay 23-21 Bryant with 62 yard FG at the gun (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Carolina at Baltimore 23-21 Panthers win in the Ravens Den (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Pittsburgh at Atlanta 41-38 (OT) Great game by Roethlisberger and Vick (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Seattle at Denver (SNF) 23-20 Seahawks win this close one in Denver (A)

2006-Jacksonville at Tennessee 24-17 Titans take out the Jags in Tenn (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-San Diego at Kansas City 30-27 Chargers mount comeback but fall short (A)

2006-San Diego at Seattle 20-17 Chargers with deep TD in final minute to win on the road, great finish! Also have NFL Network Replay (A+)

2006-Philadelphia at New Orleans 27-24 Great game down in the Superdome (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Chicago at New England 17-13 Pats take down the powerful Bears (A)

2006-Cincinnati at Indianapolis (MNF) 34-16 Colts take out the upstart Bengals (A)

2006-New Orleans at Dallas 42-17 (SNF) Saints thrash the Cowboys on the road (A)

2006-San Diego at Buffalo 24-21 Chargers win in tough Buffalo (A-)

2006-Tennessee at Washington 25-22 Vince Young wins on the road (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Dallas at NY Giants 23-20 Good game in the Meadowlands (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Tennessee at Buffalo 30-29 Titans win in Buffalo in the cold (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Kansas City at Cleveland 31-28 (OT) Browns take out the Chiefs (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Dallas at Philadelphia 38-24 The Eagles get revenge on Owens (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-New Orleans at Pittsburgh 38-31 Offensive showdown in Pittsburgh (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Indianapolis at Dallas 21-14 Cowboys give the Colts their 1st loss of the year (A+)

2006-Dallas at Washington 22-19 Crazy finish w/blocked FG going other way (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Denver at Kansas City 19-10 1st ever NFL Network Game and on Thanksgiving (A+)

2006-Kansas City at San Diego 20-9 Blocked punt goes wrong for the Chiefs (A)

2006-Denver at San Diego 48-20 Tomlinson breaks single season TD record as the Chargers dominate the Broncos! (A)

2006-Cincinnati at Denver 24-23 Bengals miss PAT and Broncos hold on (A)

2006-NY Giants at Tennessee 24-21 Titans win it after down 21 points in the 4th (NFL Network Replay) (A+)

2006-Kansas City at Indianapolis (AFC Wildcard) 23-8 Colts are too strong in the dome (A)

2006-NY Giants at Philadelphia (NFC Wildcard) 23-20 Eagles win with FG at the gun (A+)

2006-NY Jets at New England (AFC Wildcard) 37-16 Pats with big 2nd half (A)

2006-Dallas at Seattle (NFC Wildcard) 21-20 The famous “Romo” game where the Cowboys blow it (A+)

2006-Indianapolis at Baltimore (AFC Divisional) 15-6 Great defensive game and atmosphere (A+)

2006-Philadelphia at New Orleans (NFC Divisional) 27-24 Saints headin to the NFC Championship (A+)

2006-New England at San Diego 24-21 (AFC Divisional) Fantastic game with Patriots comeback (A+)

2006-Seattle at Chicago (NFC Divisional) 27-24 (OT) Bears take out the defending NFC champs (A+)

2006-New Orleans at Chicago (NFC Championship) 39-14 Bears impressive in route to Super Bowl (A+)

2006-New England at Indianapolis 38-34 (AFC Championship) Colts were down 21-3 and make an impossible comeback and defeat the mighty Patriots late (A+)

2007-Chicago at San Diego 14-3 (Widescreen HD) Great defensive battle as Chargers win late (A+)

2007-San Diego at New England 38-14 (SNF) (Widescreen HD) Patriots dominate (A)

2007-Kansas City at San Diego 30-16 Chiefs upset the Chargers in the Murph (JIP) (A)

2007-San Diego at Denver 41-3 Chargers blast the Broncos on the road, CBS breaks away coverage midway in 2nd half (A)

2007-New England at Dallas (Widescreen HD) 48-27 Battle of the undefeated (A+)

2007-Denver at San Diego (MNF) (Widescreen HD) 23-3 Chargers dominate the Broncos at night (A+)

2007-New England at Baltimore (MNF) 27-24 Ravens play inspired but lose late (A)

2007-Pittsburgh at Denver 31-28 (SNF) Broncos end losing streak in INVESCO (A)

2007-Cincinnati at Cleveland 51-45 (HD) High scoring game in the pound (NFL Replay) (A+)

2007-Oakland at San Diego 28-14 Chargers take out the Raiders in the Murph (B+)

2007-San Diego at Jacksonville 24-17 Jags with big 1st half hold on (A-)

2007-San Diego at Tennessee (Widescreen HD) 23-17 (OT) Chargers with big comeback in 4th qtr (A+)

2007-San Diego at Minnesota 35-17 (HD) Peterson rushes for NFL record 296 yards (NFL Replay) (A+)

2007-Baltimore at San Diego 32-14 Chargers defeat the Ravens easily (A-)

2007-Dallas at Buffalo 25-24 (HD) Folk with 53 yard FG at the gun in comeback (NFL Replay) (A+)

2007-San Diego at Kansas City 24-10 Chargers get over the hump of Arrowhead Stadium (A)

2007-Denver at Chicago 37-34 (OT) (HD) Hester with 2 returns for TD’s in wild game (NFL Replay) (A+)

2007-New England at Indianapolis (Widescreen HD) JIP 24-20 Battle of unbeaten goes to the Pats (A+)

2007-Green Bay at Denver (MNF) 19-13 (OT) Favre to Jennings 1st play in OT (A)

2007-Indianapolis at San Diego 23-21 (Widescreen HD) Crazy game, Manning with 6 INT”s, SD with Kickoff and Punt return for TD, and Vinatieri misses short FG at end of game (A+)

2007-Washington at Seattle (NFC Wildcard) 35-14 Seahawks with big 4th quarter (A)

2007-NY Giants at Tampa Bay (NFC Wildcard) 24-14 Giants win on the road (A+)

2007-Jacksonville at Pittsburgh (AFC Wildcard) (Widescreen HD) 31-29 Big comeback by the Steelers but the Jags with late drive kick FG to win the game at night in Heinz

2007-Seattle at Green Bay (NFC Divisional) 42-20 Snow playoff game in Lambeau (A)

2007-Tennessee at San Diego (AFC Wildcard) (Widescreen HD) 17-6 Great defensive game, Chargers dominate 2nd half (A+)

2007-Jacksonville at New England (AFC Divisional) (Widescreen HD) 31-20 Patriots pull away (A+)

2007-San Diego at Indianapolis (AFC Divisional) 28-24 Chargers with major injuries shock the Colts as a double digit underdog in the Dome (A+)

2007-NY Giants at Dallas (NFC Divisional) 21-17 Giants upset the #1 seeded Cowboys (A+)

2007-NY Giants at Green Bay (Widescreen HD) (NFC Championship) 23-20 (OT) Fantastic game, one of the coldest games in playoff history and Giants pull it out in Lambeau (A+)

2007-San Diego at New England (Widescren HD) (AFC Championship) 21-12 Patriots get tested big time in their house but hold on with big 4th qtr (A+)

2008-Kansas City at New England 17-10 Brady injures knee for the year (A)

2008-Washington at Dallas 26-24 Redskins upset the Cowboys on the road (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Carolina at San Diego 26-24 Panthers with TD on last play of game on 4th down (A)

2008-Indianapolis at Houston 31-27 Texans collapse in final minutes as Indy pulls it off (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-San Diego at Denver 39-38 Ed Hockuly game with Broncos crazy finish getting TD with 2 pt conversion after blowing huge lead (A+)

2008-Cincinnati at NY Giants 26-23 (OT) HD Bengals play tough but lose in NY (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Jacksonville at Indianapolis 23-21 (HD) Jaguars with late comeback in dome (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Indianapolis at Minnesota 18-15 (HD) Vinatieri with FG at the gun (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-NY Jets at New England (TNF) 34-31 OT (HD) Great game, jets get past Pats on road (NFL Replay) A+

2008-NY Jets at San Diego (MNF) 48-29 (HD) Chargers thrash the Jets at night (A+)

2008-Washington at Philadelphia 23-17 HD Redskins pull off the upset in Philly (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Tampa Bay at Chicago 27-24 (OT) HD Griese with 407 yards in win (NFL Replay (A+)

2008-Philadelphia at Pittsburgh 25-6 (HD) Great defensive battle in steel city (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Indianapolis at Pittsburgh 24-20 HD Colts pull off the upset in Heinz Field (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Philadelphia at Dallas 41-37 (HD) Eagles go into Dallas and take em out (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-New Orleans at Denver 34-32 (HD) Gramatica misses late FG to give Broncos win (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Denver at Cleveland 34-30 (TNF) (HD) Great game, Broncos with big 4th qtr get victory (A)

2008-Arizona at NY Jets 56-35 A shootout in as Jets dominate 1st half (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Denver at Atlanta 24-20 (HD) Broncos give Falcons only home defeat (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Green Bay at Minnesota 28-27 (HD) Peterson rushes for 192 yards and victory (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Jacksonville at Denver 24-17 (HD) Jags defeat Broncos on the road (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-New England at San Diego (SNF) 30-10 Chargers get revenge on the Patriots (A+)

2008-Philadelphia at Chicago 24-20 Bears stop Eagles on 4th and Goal (A+)

2008-Baltimore at Pittsburgh 23-20 (OT) HD Steelers overcome 10 pt 4th deficit (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-NY Giants at Philadelphia (SNF) 36-31 Giants hold off Eagles on the road (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Green Bay at Tennessee 19-16 (OT) Titans hold off the Packers (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Indianapolis at Tennessee 31-21 (HD) Titans with 17 pts in 4th seal victory (NFL Replay) A+

2008-San Diego at Buffalo 23-14 The .“Balloon Game” loses power during game (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-NY Jets at Oakland 16-13 (OT) Janakowski with big FG’s leads Raiders to victory (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Minnesota at Chicago 48-41 Offensive shootout in Soldier Field (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Chicago at Atlanta 22-20 Bears blow squib kick and Falcons get FG at the gun (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Dallas at Arizona 30-24 (OT) Cards with blocked punt in OT to win it (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Miami at Houston 30-28 Great finish with last second TD by the Texans (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-NY Giants at Arizona 37-29 HD Giants take out Cardinals in offensive showdown (NFL Replay) A+

2008-New Orleans vs. San Diego 37-32 (From London) Offensive shootout (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-NY Giants at Pittsburgh 21-14 Giants handle the Steelers on the road (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Baltimore at Pittsburgh 23-20 (OT) Steelers with victory in the Steel City (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Indianapolis at San Diego 23-20 (SNF) Great game as Colts kick FG at the gun (A+)

2008-Minnesota at New Orleans 30-27 Great game in the Superdome (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Oakland at San Diego (TNF) (HD) 34-7 Chargers thrash the Raiders at night (A+)

2008-San Diego at Kansas City 22-21 Chargers come from 21-3 down in the 2nd half with an onside kick and defeat the Chiefs (A+)

2008-Carolina at NY Giants 34-28 (OT) Giants with late comeback to get home field (NFL Replay) (A+)

2008-Denver at San Diego 52-21 Chargers take AFC West on last game of year (A+)

2008-Indianapolis at San Diego (AFC Wildcard) 23-17 (OT) Chargers with 2nd half comeback seal victory in OT, fantastic game (A+)

2008-Baltimore at Miami (AFC Wildcard) (HD) 27-9 Ravens win tough defensive game (A)

2008-Atlanta at Arizona (NFC Wildcard) 30-24 Cardinals upset the Falcons, good game (A+)

2008-Baltimore at Tennessee (AFC Divisional) (HD) 13-10 Ruckus crowd nt enough as Ravens comeback A+

2008-Arizona at Carolina (NFC Divisional) 33-13 Cardinals destroy Panthers on the road (A+)

2008-Philadelphia at NY Giants (NFC Divisional) 23-11 Eagles dominate Giants (A+)

2008-San Diego at Pittsburgh (AFC Divisional) HD 35-24 Steelers too tough for Chargers (A+)

2008-Baltimore at Pittsburgh (AFC Championship) HD 23-14 Steelers go back to the SuperBowl (A+)