Sports Games on DVD and VHS

Husker Sports Century Parts I, II, and III (A)

1962-Alabama vs Miami 36-3 Bama wins behind Namath (These are just highlights) (C+)

1966-Alabama vs Tennessee 11-10 These are just highlights (C+)

1969-Texas at Arkansas 15-14 #1 vs #2 Unbelievable matchup with Texas victory (B/B-)

1969-Ohio St. at Michigan 24-12 Mich igan moves on to play in the Rose Bowl (CSN) (A-)

1971-Nebraska at Oklahoma 35-31 Game of the Century, late Husker score wins it (CSN) (A)

1971-Nebraska vs LSU (Orange Bowl) 17-12 NU and Devaney win 1st National Championship (A-)

1972-Nebraska vs Alabama (Orange Bowl) Devaney wins the title against Paul “Bear” Bryant (A-)

1974-Michigan at Ohio St. 12-10 Michigan misses late FG and ends up in a tie in the Big 10 (CSN) (A+)

1974-Nebraska vs Florida (Sugar Bowl) 13-10 Keith Jackson announces, Osborne with the victory (B)

1975-Nebraska at Missouri 30-7 Huskers win behind Ferragamo (C+)

1977-Oklahom at Ohio St 29-28 Late FG wins it for the Sooners (CSN) (A)

1977-Alabama at Nebraska 31-24 Huskers win behind Ferragamo (CSN) (B+)

1978-Nebraska at Alabama 20-3 Bama avenges the loss to Nebraska the previous year

1978-Oklahoma at Nebraska 17-14 Simms fumbles inside the 5 and NU gets the victory (C+)

1979-Nebraska vs Oklahoma (Orange Bowl) 31-24 Sooners avenge the loss in Lincoln (C+/C)

1979-Nebraska at Oklahoma 17-14 Sooners hold on for victory in Norman (C+)

1979-Ohio St. at Michigan 18-15 OSU remains undefeated with victory (CSN) (A)

1979-Penn St. vs Alabama (Sugar Bowl) 1 vs 2 /14-7 Bama gets goal line stand (CSN) (B+)

1979-Houston vs Notre Dame (Cttn Bowl) 35-34 Montana comeback from 34-12 down in the 4th (CSN) (A)

1980-Oklahoma at Colorado 82-42 Think they scored enough points here? (C+)

1980-Oklahoma at Nebraska 21-17 Sooners upset the Huskers in Lincoln (C+) Also have the CSN version which is an A+

1980-BYU vs SMU (Holiday Bowl) 46-45 Huge comeback by BYU, Hailmary at the gun to win it (CSN) (A)

1980-Nebraska vs Mississippi St (Sun Bowl) 31-17 Huskers take out Bulldogs (B+)

1980-Ohio St. vs USC (Rose Bowl) 17-16 #3 Ohio St. pulls off the upset in exciting game (CSN) (A)

1981-Oklahoma vs Florida St (Orange Bowl) Great finish in this classic game (CSN) (A)

1981-Nebraska at Iowa 10-7 (Edited Huddles) Huskers get taken out in Iowa City (C+)

1981-Penn St. at Nebraska 30-24 The Lions go into Lincoln and win (CSN) (A)

1981-UCLA vs USC 22-21 USC blocks UCLA kick at the gun and win it! (CSN) (A)

1982-Clemson vs Nebraska (Orange Bowl) 22-15 Tigers go undefeated in upset victory (B)

1982-BYU at Air Force 39-38 Air Force slips by Steve Young and the powerful Cougars (C+)

1982-Pittsburgh at West Virginia 16-13 Marino leads the Panthers (CSN) (A+)

1982-Nebraska at Penn St. #2 vs #7 27-24 Almost 1000 yards of offense! PSU scores on last play Classic! (C+)

1982-Oklahoma at Nebraska 28-24 NU finally gets a close victory against OU (C+)

1982-Stanford vs Cal 25-20 “The Band on the Field Game” (CSN) (A)

1982-Nebraska at Hawaii 37-16 Huskers take out the Rainbows on the road (B-)

1982-Clemson vs Nebraska (Orange Bowl) 22-15 (C-)

1983-UCLA at Nebraska 42-10 Osborne with win #100 (B)

1983-Georgia vs Penn St 27-23 Paterno victory over the bulldogs (CSN) (A+)

1983-LSU vs Nebraska (Orange Bowl) 21-20 Great game with NU holding off the Tigers (CSN) (A-)

1983-Nebraska vs Penn St (Kickoff Classic) 44-6 NU rolls in this opener, missing final 30 seconds (B/B-)

1983-Alabama at Penn St. 34-28 Penn St. holds off Bama on a 4th and Goal on the 2 with no time! (B-/C+)

1983-Nebraska at Oklahoma 28-21 NU advances to the Orange Bowl after victory in Norman! (C+)

1983-BYU vs Missouri (Holiday Bowl) 21-17 Steve Young with late TD in route to victory (C+)

1983-Arizona St. vs Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl) 32-21 The Devils upset the Sooners (CSN) (A/A-)

1984-Georgia vs Texas (Cotton Bowl) 10-9 One of Texas’s greatest defenses (B+/B)

1984-Nebraska at UCLA 42-3 Huskers dominate the Bruins in Pasadena (A-)

1984-Penn St at West Virginia 17-14 Fans storm the field in upset (CSN) (A)

1984-Miami at Florida 32-20 This game had tons of fireworks late!(CSN) (A/A-)

1984-Oklahoma at Nebraska 17-7 Huskers dominate game but lose because of Turnover’s (CSN) (A)

1984-Boston College at Miami 47-45 Doug Flutie Hail Mary game! (CSN) (A+)

1984-Maryland at Miami 42-40 Big comeback by the Terps. Pull off victory in Miami (D+)

1984-Miami vs Nebraska (Orange Bowl) 31-30 Miami pulls off huge upset of #1 Huskers (C+) Also have the CSN version which is an A+/A

1985-Michigan at Iowa 12-10 Hawkeyes kick FG at the gun to pull out victory and remain undefeated

1985-Alabama vs Auburn 25-23 Bama kicks FG at the gun (CSN) (A)

1985-Oklahoma vs Texas 14-7 Push in the point spread

1985-Nebraska at Oklahoma 27-7 Huge clash with Sooner victory (C+)

1985-Ohio St. at Michigan 27-17 Harbaugh and company take down their rival (CSN) (A-)

1985-Ohio St vs Southern Cal (Rose Bowl) 20-17 (CSN)

1985-Nebraska vs LSU (Sugar Bowl) 28-10 Huskers cap a 10-2 season (B-)

1986-Oklahoma vs Penn St (Orange Bowl) 25-10 Sooners dismantle Paterno’s Lions (B+)

1986-Florida St. at Nebraska 34-17 Huskers get revenge for loss in 85 (C-/D+)

1986-Oklahoma at Miami 28-16 #1 vs #2 Testaverde and the Canes take out the mighty Sooners(CSN)

1986-Florida St. at Michigan 20-18 Jim Harbaugh leads Michigan to victory (C+)

1986-Michigan at Notre Dame 24-23 Michigan edges ND (D+)

1986-Notre Dame at USC 38-37 Huge 4th quarter comeback by Notre Dame (CSN) (A-)

1986-Michigan at Notre Dame 24-23 Michigan just hangs on between these rivals

1986-Oklahoma at Nebraska 20-17 Huskers blow 17-10 lead with 2 minutes left in game (C-)

1986-Nebraska vs Michigan (Fiesta Bowl) 27-23 Mich and Harbaugh hold on for victory in a close game (C+)

1987-Penn St. vs Miami (Fiesta Bowl & National Championship) 14-10 PSU with huge stop at end of game(B)

1987-Florida at LSU 13-10 The tigers win in Death Valley (C+)

1987-Arizona St. vs Michigan (Rose Bowl) 22-15 Devils comeback from 15-3 deficit over Mich (CSN) (B)

1987-Iowa vs. Tennessee 23-22 Close battle between these 2 strong schools (B)

1987-UCLA at Nebraska 42-33 Huge game in Lincoln turns into a wild game! Game features Aikman (B)

1987-Nebraska at Arizona St 35-28 Huskers win behind Steve Taylor (B+)

1987-West Virginia at Syracuse 32-31 Major Harris falls short in the Carrier Dome (CSN) (A)

1987-Oklahoma at Nebraska 17-7 #1 vs #2 OU defense shuts down the Huskers in Lincoln (CSN) (A)

1987-Nebraska vs LSU (Sugar Bowl) 30-15 Nebraska takes down the energized Tigers (B/B-)

1988-Auburn vs Syracuse (Sugar Bowl) 16-16 A battle to the end (CSN) (A+)

1988-Michigan vs Ohio St. 34-31 Close battles between these huge rivals

1988-Nebraska at UCLA 41-28 Aikman leads UCLA past Nebraska (CSN) (A/A-)

1988-Washington St. at UCLA 34-30 WSU upsets #1 UCLA and Aikman (CSN) (A)

1988-Miami at Michigan 31-30 Miami goes in as a 7 pt favorite and just holds on (CSN) (A+)

1988-Nebraska at Oklahoma 7-3 Huge defensive battle with Orange Bowl implications! (B)

1988-Michigan St. vs USC 20-17 (Rose Bowl) Rodney Peete is taken down by Michigan St (CSN) (B)

1988-Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. 31-28 Nearly 1000 yards of offense in this one! Barry Sanders (B)

1988-Arkansas at Houston 26-21 The Hogs shut down the powerful Houston offense (B/B-)

1988-Washington at Washington St 32-31 Awesome game in the Northwest (B+)

1988-Michigan at Notre Dame 19-17 2 lead changes in final 2 minutes! Missing final missed kick! (CSN) (A-)

1988-Miami at Notre Dame 31-30 Tony Rice & company prevail over Johnson's Canes (B-)

1988-Miami vs Oklahoma (Orange Bowl and National Championship) 20-14 Canes take the title (B)

1988-Nebraska vs Florida State (Fiesta Bowl) 31-28 3rd ranked FSU scores late & beats NU, Also have a Fox Sports 2 ½ hour replay which would be A quality. (B-)

1989-West Virginia vs Notre Dame (Fiesta Bowl) 34-21 Irish take out the undefeated Mountaineers (B)

1989-Michigan St. vs Georgia (Gator Bowl) 34-27 Rison with awesome game but they fall short (CSN) (A)

1989-Nebraska vs Miami (Orange Bowl) 23-3 Canes smash Nebraska

1989-Alabama at Penn St 17-16 A battle to the end (B-)

1989-Notre Dame at Michigan 24-19 A Massive battle in Ann Arbor (CSN) (A+)

1989-Texas at Houston 47-9 The powerful Houston offense blasts the Longhorns (B/B-)

1989-Southern Miss vs Florida St. 30-26 Brett Favre guides a comeback win over the Seminoles (C+)

1989-Michigan at Illinois 24-10 Both teams undefeated in conference at this point. Jeff George!

1989-Nebraska at Colorado #2 vs #3 (21-27) Buffs win biggest game in Boulder in 100 years (C+)

1990-Colorado vs Notre Dame (Orange Bowl) 21-6 Missing 1st 4 minutes of game (B)

1990-Nebraska vs. Florida St (Fiesta Bowl) 41-17 Florida St way too strong for huskers (B+)

1990-Michigan vs USC (Rose Bowl) 17-10 Keyshawn Johnson is the showcase player (CSN) A+)

1990-Miami vs Alabama (Sugar Bowl) 33-25 Miami secures an 11-1 season (C+)

1990-Tennessee vs Colorado (Pigskin Classic) 31-31 This great matchup ends up in a tie (B+)

1990-Houston at Texas Tech 51-35 Klingler guides an assault on Tech (B+)

1990-Miami at San Diego St 30-28 JIP SDSU almost pulls off upset in San Diego (A-/B+)

1990-Baylor at Nebraska 13-0 Good defensive battle in Lincoln (B+/B)

1990-Washington at Colorado 20-14 Missing the 1st few min.of 1st quarter The Buffs hold on (B)

1990-Houston vs. Arizona St 62-45 (From Tokyo Dome) Klinger with huge numbers (B)

1990-Colorado at Texas 29-22 CU with nice comeback in Austin at night (CSN) (A)

1990-Colorado at Nebraska 27-12 Missing final 4 minutes; The Buffs pull off a huge upset in Lincoln (B+)

1990-Florida at Florida St 45-30 Seminoles with high scoring victory (CSN) (A-/B+)

1990-Oregon St at Nebraska 31-7 Nebraska struggles to victory in Lincoln (B+/B)

1990-Nebraska at Oklahoma 45-10 Sooners steamroll the Huskers (B-)

1990-Oklahoma at Colorado 32-23 Good game with Buffalos victory (B+)

1990-Notre Dame at Tennessee 34-29 Spectacular game with NFL greats (CSN)

1990-Ohio St at Iowa 27-26 Buckeyes and Hawkeyes in a battle in Iowa City (CSN) (A+)

1990-Colorado at Missouri 33-31 (5th Down Game) Unbelievable goof up (CSN) (A+)

1990-Miami at Notre Dame 29-20 Irish beat the mighty Canes with comeback effort (CSN) (A)

1990-Nebraska at Oklahoma 45-10 Sooners beat up the Huskers

1990-Penn St. at Notre Dame 24-21 The Lions come back in the 2nd Half to take out #1 ND (CSN) (A)

1990-Penn St. vs BYU (Holiday Bowl) 50-39 (Detmer 500+ yards in the air) (A-)

1990-Tennessee vs Arkansas (Cotton Bowl) 31-27 Vols hold off the Hogs (CSN) (A)

1990-Miami at BYU 28-21 BYU upset the #1 Hurricanes, Detmer 400+ yards in the air (A-)

1991-Penn St vs Tennessee (Fiesta Bowl) 42-17 The Lions win and move to 11-2 on the year (B)

1991-Georgia Tech vs Nebraska (Citrus Bowl) 45-21 Tech gets share of title with victory! (B-)

1991-Miami at Florida St. #1 vs #2 17-16 Wide Right I, Miami prevails (CSN) (A)

1991-Tennessee vs Virginia (Sugar Bowl) 23-22 Herman Moore helps w/victory over VU (B)

1991-Nebraska at Colorado 19-19 Wild game in Boulder results in a tie on a blocked FG, Also have the CSN version which is an A+ (B)

1991-Colorado at Oklahoma 34-17 CU extends their Big 8 winning streak to 17 games (B)

1991-Penn St. vs Georgia Tech (Kickoff Classic) 34-22 (D+)

1991-Nebraska at Kansas 59-23 Huskers rush for 490 yards (B+)

1991-Washington at Nebraska 36-21 The national champion Huskies take down the Big Red in Lincoln

1991-BYU at San Diego St. 52-52 Deciding game for WAC Championship at night, nearly 1500 yards of offense, Detmer 600+ yards Passing, Marshall Faulk. BYU comes back from 28 down, classic!! (B+/B)

1991-Washington St. at Washington 56-21 National title Huskies take out Bledsoe (B+)

1991-Tennessee at Notre Dame 35-34 Irish fall after leading 31-7. Missing last 51 sec of 1st half (B+/B)

1991-Georgia Tech vs Stanford (Aloha Bowl) 18-17 Late TD gives a classic finish (CSN) (A+)

1991-Oklahoma at Nebraska 19-14 Nebraska barely beats the Sooners in the rain (A-)

1991-Washington vs Iowa (Rose Bowl) 46-34 Offensive showing in Pasadena with Huskies prevailing (C)

1991-Colorado vs Notre Dame (Orange Bowl) 10-9 Ismail return gets called back, CU wins title (CSN) (A)

1992-Washington vs Michigan (Rose Bowl) 34-14 Huskies dismantle the Wolverines in Pasadena (C)

1992-Notre Dame vs Florida (Sugar Bowl) 39-28 ND upsets 10-1 Florida (CSN) (A+)

1992-Nebraska at Washington 29-14 Washington takes down Nebraska back-to-back years

1992-Nebraska vs Kansas St 38-24 (Husker Vision) NU wins in Tokyo Japan (A)

1992-USC at San Diego St. 31-31 SDSU ties the powerful Trojans (B-)

1992-Kansas at Iowa St. 50-47 Offensive showdown in the Big 8

1992-Nebraska at Missouri 34-24 (Husker Vision) Tommie Frazier’s first game (A)

1992-Colorado at Nebraska 52-7 Huskers destroy the ranked Buffs at night (B-/C+)

1992-Florida St. at Miami 19-16 39 yd FG misses at the gun Wide Right II (B-)

1992-Nebraska at Oklahoma 33-9 Huskers bring out the boos in Norman (B-)

1992-Notre Dame vs Texas A&M (Cotton Bowl) Rick Mirer, Jerome Bettis, etc 28-3 (B)

1992-USC at UCLA 38-37 UCLA upsets powerful USC squad (CSN) (A-)

1992-Washington St. vs Utah (Copper Bowl) 31-28 Bledsoe leads the Cougars into battle (CSN) (A+)

1992-Alabama vs Florida (SEC Championship) 28-21 #2 Bama upends scrappy Florida squad (CSN) (A-)

1993-Michigan vs Washington (Rose Bowl) 38-31 Wolverines get the mild upset in Pasadena (B+)

1993-Nebraska vs Florida St. (Orange Bowl) 27-14 Seminoles beat Nebarska again in a bowl game

1993-Alabama vs Miami (Sugar Bowl) 14-13 Good Game with good defense (CSN) (A+)

1993-Florida St. at Florida 33-21 Charlie Ward and the Seminoles take out the Gators in the loud swamp (B-)

1993-Nebraska at UCLA 14-13 Nebraska squeezes by the Bruins as a 9 ½ point favorite (B)

1993-Miami at Colorado 35-29 Canes go into Boulder and leave with a victory (B-)

1993-Oklahoma at Nebraska 21-7 Nebraska advances to the national championship

1993-Nebraska at Colorado 21-17 (JIP) Huskers with 21 1st Qtr Points hold off the Buffs (B+)

1993-UCLA at USC 27-21 UCLA upsets Rob Johnson’s Trojans (CSN) (A)

1993-Florida St. at Notre Dame #1 vs #2 31-24 #1 Florida St. upset in South Bend (A/A-)

1993-Nebraska at Kansas 21-20 (Husker Vision) KU goes for 2 and comes up short for upset (A)

1993-Kentucky vs Clemson (Peach Bowl) 14-13 (CSN) (A+)

1993-BC at Notre Dame 41-39 last second FG lift BC over #1 ranked ND late in the year (B+/B)

1993-Syracuse vs Colorado (Fiesta Bowl) 26-22 (CSN) (A/A-)

1994-Nebraska vs Florida St. #1 vs #2 (Orange Bowl) 18-16 Simply an awesome game! Also have the CSN version which is an A+ (B+)

1994-Nebraska vs West Virginia (Kickoff Classic) 31-0 Nice start for Nebraska (B+)

1994-Texas at Rice 19-17 Rice upsets the 12th ranked Longhorns (B+/B)

1994-Oklahoma at Syracuse 30-29 OU gets road win late in hostile environment (CSN) (A)

1994-Colorado at Nebraska 24-7 #2 vs #2 Huge midseason matchup with Huskers rolling (C)

1994-Washington at Miami 38-20 Kaufman and the Huskes end Miami’s home winning streak (CSN) (A)

1994-Nebraska at Kansas St 17-6 (Husker Vision) Huskers win in tough environment (A)

1994-Nebraska at Texas Tech 42-16 Huskers look good in their championship year (B-)

1994-Alabama at Tennessee 17-13 Tide take down the Vols (CSN) (A)

1994-Colorado at Michigan Hail Mary game 27-26 Colorado upsets Michigan in Ann Arbor (B-)

1994-Nebraska at Oklahoma 13-3 Berringer guides Huskers to victory and the Orange Bowl (B)

1994-Auburn at Florida 36-33 Auburn upsets #1 Florida in the Swamp (CSN) (A-)

1995-Nebraska vs Miami (Orange Bowl National Title) 24-17 NU with 17 4th quarter points (A/A-)

1995-Colorado vs Notre Dame (Fiesta Bowl) 41-24 CU caps off a great season (B-)

1995-Nebraska Football (Decade of Dominance) Summary of 1995 Season from Husker Vision (A)

1995-Nebraska at Oklahoma St (TNF) 64-21 Huskers rack up over 500 yards rushing (B)

1995-Michigan at Penn St. 27-17 Missing final minute and a half , no scoring missed (B+)

1995-Northwestern at Notre Dame 17-15 NWU shocks the world with gigantic upset in South Bend

1995-Nebraska at Michigan St. 50-10 Huskers thrash Tony Banks and MSU (B+)

1995-Kansas St at Nebraska 49-25 Huskers smash Wildcats (B+)

1995-Nebraska at Colorado 44-21 Missing final 2 minutes of game, no scoring missed. Huskers win to move closer to national title (B/B-)

1995-Nebraska at Kansas 41-3 Huskers smash the Jayhawks on the road (C+)

1995-Oregon vs Penn St. (Rose Bowl) 38-20 The undefeated lions beat Gang Green of Oregon

1995-Oklahoma at Nebraska 37-0 Huskers shut out the Sooners (B+/B)

1995-Alabama at Auburn 31-27 Auburn squeaks by Bama at night! (CSN) (A)

1996-Nebraska vs Florida (Fiesta Bowl National Championship) 63-24 Nebraska thrashes the Gators-à I have both the full game and the Husker Vision version with Husker Radio Broadcast (A/A-)

1996-Nebraska at Arizona St. 19-0 ASU upsets the defending back to back champions at night (B+)

1996-Arizona St. at UCLA 42-34 Arizona St. sneaks by UCLA in powerhouse game (C+) (Also have the CSN version of the game which is an A+)

1996-Washington at Arizona St. 45-52 Sweet game in the desert, also have a 3 hour Fox Sports replay which would be B+ quality (C-)

1996-Nebraska at Oklahoma 73-21 Huskers smash the Sooners on the road (B-)

1996-Nebraska at Kansas St 39-3 Huskers roll in Manhattan in big game (B+)

1996-Auburn at Bama 24-23 The Tide barely beat the Tigers in the Iron Bowl (CSN) (A)

1996-Colorado at Nebraska 17-12 Interception returns helps Nebraska to victory (B)

1996-USC vs Northwestern (Rose Bowl) 41-32 Wild game, USC prevails over the Cinderella Wildcats

1996-Wisconsin at Ohio St 17-14 The Buckeyes remain undefeated with close victory (B+)

1996-Michigan St. at Nebraska 55-14 Huskers look awesome in their debut (B)

1996-Michigan at Ohio St 13-9 Michigan pulls off the huge upset to take away title hopes from OSU (B+)

1996-San Diego St. at UNLV 44-42 SDSU loses chance to get wac title

1996-Oklahoma vs Texas 30-27 (OT) Sooners a 21 point underdog win in OT (CSN) (A)

1996-Florida at Tennessee 35-29 Vols come way back but fall short to the mighty Gators (B+)

1996-Florida at Florida St. 24-21 Florida St. upsets top ranked Florida

1996-Nebraska vs Texas (Big 12 Championship) 37-27 4th and 1 sealed the huge upset! Great game! (B/B-)

1997-Florida vs Florida St. (Sugar Bowl & National Championship) 52-20 Missing 1st 2 minutes of game (A-)

1997-Nebraska vs Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl) 41-21 NU with 279 yards rushing take them to victory

1997-Ohio St. vs Arizona St. (Rose Bowl) 20-17 OSU scores late to upend the cinderella Sundevils (B-)

1997-Georgia at Georgia Tech 27-24 Excellent game between these two rivals

1997-Nebraska vs Texas A&M (Big 12 Championship) 54-15 Nebraska stomps the Aggies (A)

1997-Nebraska at Missouri 45-38 Frost over the middle game with no time left. Game of the year (A/A-)

1997-Nebraska at Washington 27-14 NU upsets then #2 Huskies in Seattle (C+)

1997-Iowa St at Nebraska 77-14 A blasting!!! (B+)

1997-Arizona at Washington St. 35-34 WSU edges out Arizona in OT (B+)

1997-Florida at LSU 28-21 The Gators road winning streak comes to an end in Death Valley (CSN) (A)

1997-UCLA at Washington St. 37-34 Cade McNown versus Ryan Leaf (B)

1997-Tennessee at UCLA 30-24 Missing 1st 3 minutes Manning with 341 yards passing and McNown with 400 yards passing (B+)

1997-Florida St. at USC 14-7 Seminoles victories on 4th qtr TD (B+/B)

1997-Nebraska at Kansas 41-3 Frost and Green lead Nebraska to victory (B+/B)

1997-Colorado at Michigan 27-3 Griese with solid game (A-)

1997-Florida St. at North Carolina 20-3 Battle of unbeatens on Judgement Day (A-)

1997-Ohio St at Penn St 31-27 Penn St beats OSU in Happy Valley (B+)

1997-Florida St. at Florida 32-29 Big return in the final 2 minutes sets up winning score for the Gators, JIP at the 6 minute mark CBS coverage (A-)

1997-Nebraska at Kansas 35-0 Bad weather didn’t stop the Huskers from blowing out the Jayhawks (B+)

1997-Missouri at Oklahoma St. 51-50 (2OT) Great game with Corby Jones

1997-Arizona St. at UCLA 42-34 Plummer keeps ASU alive over McNown (CSN) (A)

1997-Georgia Tech at Virginia 35-31 Nearly 900 yards of offense in this one (CSN) (A)

1997-Miami at Pittsburgh 21-17 The Panthers pull off the big upset (B-)

1997-Miami at Boston College 45-44 (2OT) Classic finish with Hurricane victory (C)

1997-Oklahoma at Nebraska 69-7 Huskers win big for Osborne (Missing last 6 minutes) (A)

1997-Kansas St. at Nebraska 56-26 Nebraska thrashed the #7th ranked Wildcats (A)

1997-Ohio St. at Michigan 20-14 Michigan sneaks by Ohio St. to move onto the Rose Bowl (B+)

1997-Auburn at LSU 31-28 Block FG at the Gun prevails victory for Auburn (CSN) (A)

1997-Tennessee at Kentucky 51-39 Manning with 523 Pass Yds and Couch with 476 Pass Yds (A-)

1997-Michigan at Penn St. 34-8 Michigan upsets and dismantles Penn St (A/A-)

1997-Auburn vs Alabama 18-17 Auburn holds on and moves onto SEC Championship (CSN) (A+)

1997-Michigan at Wisconsin 26-16 Great game, last real road test on MU way to championship (A-)

1997-Ole Miss vs Marshall (Motor City Bowl) 34-31 Randy Moss and Chad Pennington (CSN) (A+)

1997-Nebraska at Colorado 27-24 Huskers advance to Orange Bowl with close victory (B/B-)

1997-Tennessee vs Auburn (SEC Championship) 30-29 Manning and TU holds off AU ingood game! (A-/B+)

1998-Ohio St. vs Florida St. (Sugar Bowl) 31-14 Bowden’s D shutsdown Germaine (A-)

1998-Michigan vs Washington St. (Rose Bowl) 21-16 Michigan holds on vs Leaf to get a share of the title (A-)

1998-Nebraska vs Tennessee (Orange Bowl National Champ.) 42-17 Osborne's last game, NU rout (B)

1998-Florida St. vs Texas A&M (Kickoff Classic) 23-14 game features Wienke (A)

1998-Tennessee at Syracuse 34-33 Mcnabb throws for 300 yds and Jamal Lewis rushes for 141 yds (A)

1998-Washington at Arizona St. 42-38 Huskies win on bomb with under a minute left, awesome game!!

1998-Oregon at UCLA 41-38 (OT) McNown throws for nearly 400 yards (CSN) (A)

1998-Louisiana Tech at Nebraska 56-27 Rattay with 590 yards Passing/T. Edwards 405 yards receiving

1998-Penn at Brown 58-51 Brown with 483 yards in the air and the victory

1998-Virginia at Virginia Tech 36-32 Virginia with big comeback featuring Aaron Brooks (B)

1998-Tennessee at Syracuse 34-33 The Tee Martin era begins (CSN) (A-)

1998-Washington at Nebraska 55-7 #2 vs #8 (Edited Huddles, annoying) (A-)

1998-Nebraska at California 24-7 (Edited Huddles, annoying) (A-)

1998-Nebraska at Kansas 24-17 Nice NU comeback in 2nd half (Edited huddles, annoying) (A-)

1998-Michigan St. at Ohio St. 28-24 HUGE upset in the Horseshoe, JIP at 13:00 minute mark (A-)

1998-Miami at West Virginia 34-31 Miami just pulls out game in Morgantown (C)

1998-UCLA at Miami 49-45 Classic showdown in Miami/ Undefeated UCLA is beat (A-)

1998-Florida at Tennessee 20-17 (OT) #2Tenn won in a awesome game against their rival(B)

1998-Arizona St. at Arizona 50-42 7th ranked Arizona survives ASU in a great rivalry game

1998-BYU at Alabama 38-31 Bama struggles to win in this showdown

1998-Nebraska at Texas A&M 28-21 Aggies hand Nebraska first loss of the year (B+)

1998-Texas at Nebraska 20-16 NU's first loss at home since 1992 (B+)

1998-Virginia Tech at Syracuse 28-26 McNabb guides the Orange to the victory (missing 1st 4 min) (CSN)(A-

1998-Arkansas at Tennessee 28-24 Arkansas fumbles trying to run out clock, loses game! (B-)

1998-Nebraska vs Oklahoma St. Arrowhead Stadium 24-17 Wild game goes down to final play (B+)

1998-Nebraska at Kansas St. 40-30 No call face mask game! K-St. finally beats Nebraska (A/A-)

1998-Colorado at Nebraska 16-14 Brown kicks the eventual game winning FG

1998-Kansas St. vs Texas A&M (Big 12 Championship) 36-33 Great game and big comeback! (A/A-)

1998-Kansas St. vs Purdue (Alamo Bowl) 37-34 Fabulous game with Drew Brees (CSN) (A)

1999-Wisconsin vs UCLA (Rose Bowl) 38-31 Wisconsin pulls off the upset over McNown (CSN) (A+)

1999-Tennessee vs Florida St. (Fiesta Bowl) National Championship 23-16 Tennessee upsets FSU (A-)

1999-Ohio St. vs Miami (Kickoff Classic) 23-12 The Hurricanes start the season off a strong note (B+)

1999-Arizona at Penn St. 41-7 Lopsided game with the Lions smashing the Cats (B+)

1999-Nebraska at Iowa 42-7 (Missing 1st min of game and last 2 minutes of game) (A-)

1999-Cal at Nebraska 45-0 Memorial stadium introduces Field Turf! (B+)

1999-Penn St. at Miami 27-23 Penn St. gets bomb with under 2 minutes left to upset #3 Miami (B+)

1999-Michigan at Notre Dame 26-22 Missing 1st 8 min Jackson passes for 302 yds but Tom Brady gets the victory (A)

1999-Wyoming at Tennessee 42-17 The Vols wrack up over 500 yards of offense (A)

1999-Virginia Tech at West Virginia 22-20 Vick guides Tech down field with GW FG (B+/B)

1999-Oklahoma St at Nebraska 38-14 Huskers look good on new turf (A-/B+)

1999-Miami at Florida St. 31-21 FSU hangs on with good 2nd half (B+)

1999-Tennessee at Florida 23-21 Tee Martin and Tenn comes back but it isn’t enough in the end (B+)

1999-Oklahoma vs Texas 38-28 Texas with nice comeback in this one

1999-Nebraska at Missouri 40-10 Huskers roll in Columbia (A-/B+)

1999-Mississippi St. at Alabama 19-7 The Tide take out the undefeated Bulldogs (B+)

1999-Colorado at Washington 31-24 The Buffs couldn’t beat their former coach in Seattle

1999-Texas A&M at Nebraska 37-0 Huskers take it to the Aggies in the 2nd half (B)

1999-Florida at Kentucky 38-10 The Gators slow down the powerful Wildcat offense

1999-Miami at Virginia Tech 43-10 The #2 Hokies spank the Canes in the 2nd half (B)

1999-Minnesota at Penn St 24-23 Minn upsets #2 Penn St in a classic! (CSN) (A+)

1999-Oklahoma at Notre Dame 34-30 The Irish with huge comeback against the offensive Sooners (B+)

1999-Nebraska at Texas 24-20 The Horns pull off a huge upset of the Huskers (B+)

1999-Florida St. at Clemson 17-14 Bowden gets #300 and wins at Death Valley at Night! (CSN) (A)

1999-Nebraska at Kansas 24-17 (Husker Video Full Broadcast) Huskers comeback victory (A+)

1999-Ohio St. at Michigan 24-17 Tom Brady leads Michigan to the Orange Bowl (B+)

1999-Florida St. at Florida 30-23 #1 vs #3! FSU holds onto the #1 spot with a win in the “Swamp” (B+)

1999-Kentucky at Mississippi St. 23-22 The Bulldogs comeback in the 2nd half and stay unbeaten

1999-Texas at Texas A&M 20-16 Aggies take out Longhorns after tragedy

1999-Nebraska at Colorado 33-30 (OT) Huskers up 27-3 in the 4th nearly blow it. Fabulous game! (A--/B+)

1999-Alabama at Florida 40-39 (OT) The Tide end the Gators home win streak! (A-/B+)

1999-Alabama at Auburn 28-17 Bama holds on in the traditional Iron Bowl (B+)

1999-Boston College at Virginia Tech 38-14 Tech heads on to the National Championship with win (A)

1999-Kansas St. at Nebraska #4 vs #5 41-15 Huskers roll in Lincoln (B+/B) )

1999-Michigan at Penn St. 31-27 Michigan scores 2 TD’s late to overcome deficit ABC switches coverage late in the game to go to Nebraska/Kansas St (B+ Minor tracking issues)

1999-Florida vs Alabama (SEC Championship) 34-7 Bama thrashes the overrated Gators (A)

1999-Nebraska vs Texas (Big 12 Championship) 22-6 Huskers win Big XII (B)

1999-Boise St. vs Louisville (Humanitarian Bowl) 34-31 BSU holds on at home in sweet game (A-)

1999-Kentucky vs Syracuse (Music City Bowl) 20-13 (CSN) (A+)

1999-Washington vs Kansas St. (Holiday Bowl) 24-20 Top 10 Wildcats hang on in San Diego (A)

1999-Oklahoma vs Mississippi (Independence Bowl) 27-25 FG at the gun for Ole Miss (B-)

1999-Marshall vs BYU (Motor City Bowl) 21-3 The Thundering Herd smash the Cougars (A)

2000-Florida vs Michigan St. 37-34 (Gator Bowl) Close game all the way! (B+)

2000-Wisconsin vs Stanford (Rose Bowl) 17-9 Dayne looks good in victory (B)

2000-Georgia Tech vs Miami (Citrus Bowl) 28-13 (B)

2000-Michigan vs Alabama (Orange Bowl) 35-34 (OT) (B)

2000-Florida St. vs Virginia Tech 46-29 (Sugar Bowl National Championship) 46-29 (A-)

2000-USC vs Penn St. (Kickoff Classic) 29-5 The underdog Trojans smash the Lions (A)

2000-Virginia Tech at East Carolina (TNF) 45-28 The Pirates outplay the Vick and the Hokies but lose (A-)

2000-Florida St. at Georgia Tech 26-21 Seminoles almost get upset at night (CSN) (A)

2000-Washington at Colorado 17-14 Pretty much an uninteresting game in Boulder with WU winning (A)

2000-Florida at Tennessee 27-23 Florida gets controversial TD in the last few seconds (A/A-)

2000-Miami at Washington 34-29 Huge early season game proving important later in the year (CSN) (A)

2000-Nebraska at Notre Dame 27-24 (OT) First big game of the year as #1 NU survives in South Bend (A-)

2000-Iowa at Nebraska 42-13 Huskers pour it on late to beat the Hawkeyes (A-)

2000-Oklahoma at Kansas St. 41-31 Sooners remain undefeated beating the #2 Wildcats in Manhattan (A/A-)

2000-Missouri at Nebraska 42-24 The Tigers hang tough with the Huskers but NU too strong (A/A-)

2000-UCLA at Oregon 29-10 The Ducks take out the Top 10 and undefeated Bruins (A-)

2000-Florida at Mississippi St. 47-35 Huge upset as the Bulldogs beat the Gators in Hostile territory (A/A-)

2000-Florida St. at Miami 27-24 Possibly the game of the year as the Canes beat the #1 Seminoles (A-)

2000-Colorado at Nebraska 34-32 Nebraska kicks FG at the gun to survive scare, also have the CSN version of this game whch is an A+! (A/A-)

2000-Texas A&M at Texas 43-17 Simms has big day as Longhorns roll (A/A-)

2000-Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. 12-7 Sooners keep their title hopes alive (A)

2000-Oklahoma at Texas A&M 35-31 Huge game in college station as Sooners come from behind (A-)

2000-Nebraska at Kansas St. 28-27 Huskers come back but lose to late TD by the Cats (A-)

2000-Nebraska at Iowa St. 49-27 Huskers down at the half, thrash in the 2nd half! (A)

2000-Nebraska at Texas Tech 56-3 Huskers explode in Lubbick (A)

2000-Oklahoma vs Kansas St. (Big 12 Championship) 27-24 Sooners hold off the Cats (A/A-)

2000-Oregon vs Texas (Holiday Bowl) 35-30 Spetacular game (CSN) (A)

2000-Michigan at Northwestern 54-51 Crazy game with tons of points (CSN) (A+)

2000-Miami at Syracuse 26-0 Canes look impressive in the Dome (A)

2000-Florida at Florida St. 30-7 Huge matchup with Noles destroying the Gators (A)

2000-TCU vs Southern Miss (Mobile Bowl) 28-21 Tomlinson’s last game in College (A)

2000-Nebraska at Oklahoma 31-14 #1 vs #2 Norman was ready for this one! Great matchup (A/A-)

2000-Mississippi St. vs Texas A&M (Independence Bowl) 43-41 (OT) Snow game (B+)

2000-Virginia Tech at Syracuse 22-14 Vick guides Tech back from 14-0 deficit (A)

2000-Nebraska vs Northwestern (Alamo Bowl) 66-17 Bowl game record for most pts scored! (B+)

2001-Virginia Tech vs Clemson (Gator Bowl) 41-20 Vick’s last Collegiate game in a victory (A/A-)

2001-Washington vs Purdue (Rose Bowl) 34-24 Good matchup and Huskies victory (A/A-)

2001-Oregon St. vs Notre Dame (Fiesta Bowl) 41-9 OSU big in their BCS shot (A)

2001-Miami vs Florida (Sugar Bowl) 37-20 Missing 1st 5 minutes of game (A)

2001-Oklahoma vs Florida St. (Orange Bowl & National Title) 13-2 Sooners shock the world (A/A-)

2001-TCU at Nebraska 21-7 Nebraska looks sluggish on the opening Saturday (A)

2001-Troy St. at Nebraska 42-14 Troy St. Div 1A debut (A)

2001-Miami at Penn St. 33-7 Emotional game with Hurricane destruction (B+)

2001-Fresno St. at Wisconsin 32-20 Carr leads the upset in Camp Randall (A)

2001-North Carolina at Texas 44-14 UT scores 44 to honor teammate (A)

2001-Michigan at Washington 23-18 Huskies special teams and defense wins the game (A)

2001-Notre Dame at Nebraska 27-10 Huskers with big 1st Half. Night game in Lincoln (also includes Gameday) (A)

2001-Oklahoma vs Texas (in Dallas) 14-3 Sooners get late defensive score t o seal victory (A/A-)

2001-Miami at Pittsburgh (TNF) 43-21 Canes look good in New Stadium in Pitt (A/A-)

2001-Iowa St. at Nebraska 48-14 Nebraska destroys ISU once again (A/A-)

2001-Nebraska at Missouri 36-3 Crouch with possibly the play of the year! (B+)

2001-Michigan St. at Northwestern 27-26 2 kickoff returns not enough as NWU wins at the gun (CSN) (A)

2001-Clemson at Georgia Tech 47-44 (OT) Thriller with plenty of offense (CSN) (A)

2001-Georgia at Tennessee 26-24 Georgia wins with late TD in front of 107,000 fans (A)

2001-Florida at LSU 44-15 The Gators thrash the Tigers in Death Valley (B+)

2001-Miami at Florida St. 49-27 Canes destroy the Seminoles in Tallahassee. ABC cuts off 9 min left (A-)

2001-Florida at Auburn 23-20 Biggest upset of the year as the #1 Gators go down (A/A-)

2001-North Carolina at Clemson 38-3 Tar Heel defense unbelievably impressive (A)

2001-Notre Dame at Stanford 17-13 Stanford with 2nd half comeback (A)

2001-Texas Tech at Nebraska 41-31 Tied at 28 at the half, proves to be a good game! (A)

2001-Oklahoma at Nebraska #1 vs #2 BCS matchup 20-10 Excellent defensive game (A-)

2001-Michigan at Iowa 32-26 Wolverines comeback with defense to stay in national title picture (A-)

2001-Colorado at Iowa St. 40-27 CU moves on to face NU for the Big 12 Crown (A/A-)

2001-Kansas St. at Nebraska 31-21 Huskers trailed at Half but had great 2nd half (A)

2001-Florida at South Carolina 54-17 Gators thrash the Cocks at night (A/A-)

2001-Arkansas at Ole Miss 58-56 (7OT) Unbelievable game! (CSN) (A)

2001-Miami at Boston College 18-7 Canes get big turnover with 30 sec left to seal the victory (A/A-)

2001-Florida St. at Florida 37-13 The high powered Gators smack the Noles (B+)

2001-Oklahoma at Texas Tech 30-13 Sooners with great defensive effort against potent offense(A/A-)

2001-Michigan at Michigan St. 26-24 Excellent finish with MSU scoring with no time left to win! (A/A-)

2001-Nebraska at Kansas 51-7 The Huskers look good with victory in Lawrence (A)

2001-Texas at Texas A&M 21-7 The Horns move onto the Big 12 Championship with victory (A/A-)

2001-Georgia Tech at Florida St. 28-17 Noles seal #2 spot in ACC (A/A-)

2001-Nebraska at Colorado 62-36 The Buffs thrash the 11-0 Huskers in a huge upset (A/A-)

2001-Oklahoma St at Oklahoma 16-13 OSU pulls off perhaps the biggest upset ever! Game starts at the 4:30 mark in the 1st qtr, their was no scoring at this point (A-)

2001-Miami at Virginia Tech 26-24 Dropped 2 point conversion is the difference in this one (A)

2001-Tennessee at Florida 34-32 Huge upset! (JIP missing 1st 3 ½ min of 1st quarter (A)

2001-Ohio St at Penn St 29-27 Great game in Happy Valley goes to the end (CSN) (A+)

2001-Oregon St. at Oregon 17-14 Oregon wins the battle of the Civil War (A/A-)

2001-Colorado vs Texas (Big 12 Championship) 39-37 Awesome game with Buffalo upset (A/A-)

2001-Boise St. at Fresno St. 35-30 Boise pulls of huge upset of David Carr and Fresno (CSN) (A)

2001-Kansas St. at Oklahoma 38-37 Close battle all the way in Norman (CSN) (A)

2001-Heisman Trophy Award Show-Eric Crouch winner (A)

2001-LSU vs Tennessee (SEC Championship) 31-20 Big upset sends the Huskers to Pasadena (B+)

2001-Syracuse vs Kansas St. ( bowl) 26-3 Big east beats Big XII (A)

2001-Clemson vs Louisiana Tech (Humanitarian Bowl) 49-21 Dantzler with big game (A)

2001-Toledo vs Cincinnati (Motor City Bowl) 23-16 (CSN) (A+)

2001-E Carolina vs. Marshall (GMAC Bowl) 64-61 (2OT) Leftwich with 577 yards passing (CSN) (A+)

2001-Iowa vs Texas Tech (Alamo Bowl) 19-16 Iowa kicks FG to win it (A)

2001-Texas vs Washington (Holiday Bowl) 47-43 Great offensive performance,Texas comes from behind (A-)

2002-Tennessee vs Michigan (Citrus Bowl) 45-17 Vols thrash the Wolverines (A)

2002-Colorado vs Oregon (Fiesta Bowl) 38-16 Ducks make case for national title, Joey Harrington (A/A-)

2002-Maryland vs Florida (Orange Bowl) 56-23 Spurrier’s last game as a Florida Gator (A)

2002-Miami vs Nebraska (Rose Bowl & National Championship) 37-14 Canes win behind Ken Dorsey (A)

2002-Arizona St. at Nebraska 48-10 NU pours it on late defensively in the home opener (A-)

2002-Notre Dame vs Maryland (Kickoff Classic) 22-0 Willingham’s debut with the Irish (A/A-)

2002-Iowa St. vs Florida St. 38-31 Great game with controversial call late as FSU holds on (A)

2002-Washington at Michigan 31-29 Great game in the big house, Mich kicks FG at the gun! (A/A-)

2002-Miami at Florida 41-16 The Canes defend their title in awesome fashion (A)

2002-NC State at Texas Tech 51-48 (OT) Fox Sports Replay, Very entertaining game (A)

2002-Michigan at Notre Dame 25-23 Notre Dame and mystique take out Michigan (A-)

2002-Florida St at Louisville 26-20 (OT) Louisville upsets #4 FSU in rain storm (ESPN replay) (A)

2002-Utah at Michigan 10-7 Great defensive battle in Ann Arbor (A)

2002-Arkansas at Tennessee 41-38 (6 OT) Unbelievable OT game (A-/B+)

2002-Florida at Tennessee 30-13 The Gators upset the undefeated Vols (A)

2002-Nebraska at Penn St 40-7 Biggest crowd in Penn St’s history was rockin at night!! (A)

2002-Nebraska at Iowa St 36-14 Biggest win in ISU’s history! (A-)

2002-Kentucky at Florida 41-34 KU hangs with the Gators in the swamp (A)

2002-Oklahoma vs Texas 35-24 Missing 1st 4 min, no scoring and ABC leaves with 2 minutes left (A+)

2002-USC at Washington St 30-27 (OT) Cougars pull off the upset in OT (A)

2002-UCLA at Oregon St 43-35 High scoring game in the Pac 10 (A)

2002-California at Washington 34-27 Cal pulls off the massive upset in Seattle (A)

2002-Kansas St at Colorado 35-31 A game of huge plays, don’t miss this one! (B+)

2002-Arizona St at Oregon 45-42 Offensive Pac 10 shootout (CSN) (A+)

2002-Oklahoma St at Texas 17-15 OSU fights but Texas holds on in Austin (A/A-)

2002-Oklahoma at Missouri 31-24 Great game in Columbia where trick play wins it for OU (A-)

2002-Florida at Ole Miss 17-14 The Rebels upset the mighty Gators (A/A-)

2002-LSU at Florida 36-7 Massive upset in the swamp (ESPN replay) (A)

2002-Notre Dame at Florida St 34-24 The Irish upset the Seminoles in Tallahassee (A/A-)

2002-Miami at West Virginia 40-23 Miami with tough time in Morgantown (B+)

2002-Nebraska at Texas A&M 38-31 Classic game with Huskers coming from 17 pts down (A-)

2002-Nebraska at Oklahoma St 24-21 The Cowboys pull off the upset over Nebraska (A/A-)

2002-USC at Oregon Trojans pull off the upset up in Oregon (CSN) (A)

2002-Texas at Kansas St 17-14 Blocked FG at the gun gives the Longhorns the victory (A/A-)

2002-Notre Dame at Air Force 21-14 Missing final 2 minutes, no scoring missed (A/A-)

2002-Florida St at Miami 28-27 The Seminoles give the Canes their biggest scare of the season (Sunshine Network) Also have the CSN version which is CBS and an A+) (A-)

2002-Texas at Nebraska 27-24 Classic game that was thrilling to the finish!! (A+)

2002-LSU at Kentucky 33-30 LSU with massive hail mary at the end of the game! Classic!!! (CSN) (A)

2002-Miami at Tennessee The Canes destroy the Volunteers in Knoxville, missing few minutes in 1st half (A)

2002-Nebraska at Kansas St. 49-13 Wildcats are dominate in Manhattan (A)

2002-Ohio St. at Purdue 10-6 OSU with big 4th and 1 bomb late to hold onto undefeated season (A)

2002-Colorado at Oklahoma 27-11 The Sooners win the battle between these 2 powers (A)

2002-Washington at Washington St. 29-26 (3OT) The Huskies ruin the Cougars title hopes (A)

2002-Auburn at Alabama 17-7 Auburn upsets the Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl (A)

2002-Pittsburgh at Miami 28-21 Pittsburgh almost upsets the #1 Canes at night (A/A-)

2002-Michigan at Ohio St. 14-9 Great defensive battle with Buckeye TD late (A/A-)

2002-Oklahoma at Texas A&M 30-26 The Aggies upset #1 OU in College Station (A)

2002-Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. 38-28 OSU pulls off a massive upset as a 14 pt underdog (A)

2002-Florida at Florida St. 31-14 The Seminoles look good in this rivalry game (A)

2002-Miami at Syracuse 49-7 ABC switches coverage for most of 4th quarter (A/A-)

2002-Colorado at Nebraska 28-13 Buffaloes prove to be better than Nebraska in Lincoln (A/A-)

2002-Virginia Tech at Miami 56-45 High scoring battle in Miami (A/A-)

2002-Washington St. at UCLA 48-27 Wash St goes to the Rose Bowl with a victory (A/A-)

2002-Notre Dame at USC 44-13 Carson Palmer dismantles the Irish (A/A-)

2002-Oklahoma vs Colorado (Big 12 Championship) 29-7 OU goes to the Rose Bowl with this victory (A/A-)

2002-Ole Miss vs Nebraska (Independence Bowl) 27-23 31 winning seasons comes to an end for NU (B+)

2002-Colorado vs Wisconsin (Alamo Bowl) 31-28 (OT) Missing 1st TD, excellent Bowl game (A)

2002-Kansas St. vs Arizona St. (Holiday Bowl) 34-27 The upset minded Sundevils come up short (A)

2002-Purdue vs Washington (Sun Bowl) 34-24 Close game between these 2 rivals (A)

2003-Auburn vs Penn St (Capital One Bowl) 13-9 Auburn holds off Penn St (A)

2003-Georgia vs Florida St. (Sugar Bowl) 26-13 Georgia ends their incredible season (A+)

2003-Oklahoma vs Washington St. (Rose Bowl) 34-14 Sooners dismantle Pac 10 champs (A+)

2003-USC vs Iowa (Orange Bowl) 38-17 Big matchup as Trojans roll with Carson Palmer (A+)

2003-Ohio St. vs Miami (Fiesta Bowl & National Championship) 31-24 (2 OT) Incredible game featuring a 4th and 14 conversion in OT by OSU and a 4th and 3 pass interference call to help OSU end Miami’s amazing winning streak and claim the National Title (A+)

2003-Oklahoma St at Nebraska 17-7 Blackshirts completely shut down the Cowboys (A+)

2003-Florida at Miami 38-33 A college football classic! Miami comes from 23 points down to win (A+)

2003-Utah St at Nebraska 31-7 Huskers roll over the Aggies (A+)

2003-Notre Dame at Michigan 38-0 JIP at the 8 minute mark of 2nd qtr because Ohio St game (A+)

2003-Penn St at Nebraska 18-10 Huskers rack up 300+ yards in rushing with victory (A+)

2003-Tennessee at Florida 24-10 The Vols go in and upset the Gators (A+)

2003-Marshall at Kansas St 27-20 Marshall pulls off the huge upset (A+)

2003-Oklahoma at Alabama 20-13 Tide play the sooners tough at night (A/A-)

2003-Oklahoma St at SMU 52-6 Woods with a record 7 TD catches! WOW! (A+)

2003-Arkansas at Kentucky 71-63 (7OT) Unbelievable game! Also, have ESPN 3 hour replay (CSN) (A+)

2003-Nebraska at Southern Miss (TNF) 38-14 Huskers roll at night (A+)

2003-Pittsburgh at Texas A&M 37-26 Panthers win in College Station (A+)

2003-Florida at Kentucky 24-21 Gators have huge 4th quarter comeback to win this one (A+)

2003-USC at Cal 34-31 (3 OT) One of the games of the year as Cal upsets USC (A+)

2003-Texas A&M at Texas Tech 59-28 Symons throws for 505 yards and 8 TD’s! (A+)

2003-Ole Miss at Florida 20-17 Bulldogs led by Manning upset the Gators (A+)

2003-South Carolina at Tennessee 23-17 (OT) ESPN 2 hour Replay (A+)

2003-Michigan at Minnesota 38-35 Missing 1st 4 minutes of 2nd half. Amazing comeback, Also have the CSN version of the game which is also an A+ (A+)

2003-Kansas St at Texas 24-20 A superb game in Austin as the Horns pull it out (A+)

2003-Nebraska at Missouri 41-27 Missing 1st 3 min of 2nd half/Missouri upset! (A+)

2003-Oklahoma vs Texas 65-13 Missing final 5 minutes of game (A+)

2003-Miami at Florida St 22-14 #2 vs #5 7 pt favorite FSU loses to Miami (A+)

2003-Texas A&M at Nebraska 48-12 Nebraska forces 8 turnovers in route to victory (A+)

2003-Iowa at Ohio St 19-10 #8 vs #9 in this Top 10 showdown (A/A-)

2003-Ohio St at Wisconsin 17-10 Badgers end the Buckeyes winning streak (A/A-)

2003-Oklahoma St at Texas A&M 38-10 Cowboys look good in College Station (A+)

2003-Nebraska at Texas 31-7 Longhorns smash the Huskers (A+)

2003-Miami at Virginia Tech 31-7 VaTech pulls off upset of Hurricanes (A+)

2003-Oklahoma St at Oklahoma 52-9 Sooners look awesome again (A/A-)

2003-Kansas St at Nebraska 38-9 Wildcats win in Lincoln 1st time since 1968 (A+)

2003-Texas Tech at Texas 43-30 Awesome game with great ending (A+)

2003-Auburn at LSU 31-7 Tigers roll over the overrated Tigers (A)

2003-Nebraska at Kansas 24-3 Huskers look good in defeat of Jayhawks (A+)

2003-West Virginia at Miami 22-20 Canes pull one out late! (CSN) (A+)

2003-Florida St at Clemson 26-10 (ESPN replay) 17 pt underdog Clemson wins (A+)

2003-Texas at Oklahoma St 55-16 Longhorns win big in Stillwater (A+)

2003-Ohio St at Michigan 35-21 Great game as Wolverines knock OSU out of title chase (A+)

2003-Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh 31-28 Pitt upsets Va Tech (A-)

2003-Florida St at Florida 38-34 A Classic! 5 lead changes in final minutes, bomb at the end (A+)

2003-Nebraska at Colorado 31-22 Frank Solich goes 9-3 and wins this game and gets fired! (A+)

2003-Oklahoma vs Kansas St (Big 12 Championship) 35-7 #1 OU gets smacked around in Arrowhead (A+)

2003-California vs Virginia Tech (Insight Bowl) 52-49 ESPN Condensed version (A+)

2003-Nebraska vs Michigan St (Alamo Bowl) 17-3 Huskers smash the Big 10 Spartans (A+)

2003-Washington St vs Texas (Holiday Bowl) 28-20 5th ranked Longhorns get upset (A+)

2004-Iowa vs Florida (Outback Bowl) 37-17 Hawkeyes thrash the Gators as an underdog (A+)

2004-USC vs Michigan (Rose Bowl) 28-14 USC wins share of national championship (A+)

2004-Miami vs Florida St (Orange Bowl) 16-14 Canes defeat the Noles again (A+)

2004-Ohio St vs Kansas St (Fiesta Bowl) 35-28 Buckeyes win as a 7 pt favorite (A+)

2004-LSU vs Oklahoma (Sugar Bowl & National Championship) LSU defeats OU to win Title (A+)

2004-Oregon St at LSU 22-21 3 missed Xtra Pts doom the Beavers (CSN) (A+)

2004-USC vs Virginia Tech 24-13 USC comes back for victory (A+)

2004-Bowling Green at Oklahoma 40-24 BG plays tough but OU much stronger (A)

2004-Auburn at Tennessee 34-10 Tigers go into Knoxville and win (A+)

2004-West Virginia at Virginia Tech 19-13 WVU gets their 1st loss of year (A+)

2004-Oklahoma vs Texas 12-0 Sooners shut out the Longhorns (A+)

2004-Michigan at Notre Dame 24-20 ND with the upset in South Bend (A/A-)

2004-LSU at Georgia 45-16 A beating in Athens (A+)

2004-Colorado at Washington St 20-12 CU holds on with good special teams (A)

2004-Nebraska at Texas Tech 70-10 Largest husker loss ever (A+)

2004-Minnesota at Michigan 27-24 Wolverines with come from behind victory (A+)

2004-Colorado St at Colorado 27-24 Goes down to the final play on goal line (A+)

2004-Oregon at Washington St 41-38 Ducks go on the road and win (A+)

2004-LSU at Florida 24-21 LSU stuns the Gators in the Swamp (A+)

2004-Tennessee at Georgia 19-14 Vols give the Bulldogs their 1st loss (A+)

2004-Colorado at Missouri 17-9 Missouri extends home winning streak (A+)

2004-Texas Tech at Kansas 31-30 Tech comes from 30-5 down to win (A+)

2004-Florida St at Miami 16-10 (OT) Awesome game with Miami victory (A+)

2004-Wisconsin at Purdue 20-17 WU returns fumble for TD late (A+)

2004-Southern Miss at Nebraska 21-17 SMU with massive upset in Lincoln (A+)

2004-Louisville at Miami 41-38 Miami comes from way down to win (CSN) (A+)

2004-Fresno St. at Kansas St. 45-21 Fresno pulls off big upset in Manhattan (A+)

2004-LSU at Auburn 10-9 Auburn beats the defending champs (A+)

2004-Oklahoma at Kansas St 31-21 Sooners with comeback victory (A)

2004-Texas at Arkansas 22-20 Texas holds on in Fayetteville (A+)

2004-Oklahoma at Oklahoma St 38-35 Possibly the game of the year! (A)

2004-USC at Stanford 31-28 Another close call by SC but they get the victory (A+)

2004-Florida at Tennessee 30-28 Tennessee with kick at the gun for victory (A+)

2004-Oklahoma St at Missouri 20-17 OSU comes from way back to win (A+)

2004-Georgia vs Florida 31-24 FU comes back but falls short in Jacksonville (A)

2004-Alabama at Tennessee 17-13 Vols win in Knoxville, Great game! (A)

2004-Miami at North Carolina 31-28 What a game! NC wins with FG at the gun! (A+)

2004-Notre Dame at Tennessee 17-13 ND wins with defensive touchdown (A+)

2004-Oklahoma at Texas A&M 42-35 Back N’ Forth game with OU holding on (A)

2004-Ckemson at Miami 24-17 (OT) Clemson pulls off massive upset! (CSN) (A+)

2004-Missouri at Nebraska 24-3 Huskers with some defensive and a win (A+)

2004-Washington St at UCLA 31-29 WSU ends their losing streak in Pasadena (A+)

2004-USC at Oregon St 28-20 Trojans survive the FOG game in Corvallis (A+)

2004-Stanford at Arizona St 34-31 ASU with late score wins it (A+)

2004-Nebraska at Oklahoma 30-3 Sooners dismantle the Huskers in Norman (A+)

2004-Michigan at Ohio St 37-21 Ohio St beats Michigan in upset (A)

2004-Auburn at Alabama 21-13 Auburn down at the half comes back with victory in Iron Bowl (A+)

2004-Florida at Florida St 20-13 Florida upsets FSU in Tallahassee for 1st time since 1986 (A)

2004-Colorado at Nebraska 26-20 CU moves onto Big 12 championship with victory (A)

2004-Texas A&M at Texas 26-13 Longhorns look strong in rival game (A)

2004-Virginia Tech at Miami 16-10 Tech wins the ACC title with road victory (A)

2004-Missouri at Iowa St 17-14 (OT) ISU fumbles there title hopes away (A)

2004-Texas Tech at Texas A&M 32-25 (OT) A fantastic game in College Station (A)

2004-Cal at Southern Miss 26-16 Exciting game with Golden Bears victory (A+)

2004-Auburn vs Tennessee (SEC Championship) 38-28 A battle to the end (A)

2004-Oklahoma vs Colorado (Big 12 Championship) 42-3 Sooners advance to BCS title game (A)

2004-Texas Tech vs Cal (Holiday Bowl) 45-31 Cumbie with 520 passing yards and huge upset (A-)

2004-Louisville vs Boise St (Liberty Bowl) 44-40 Outstanding game and bowl matchup (A)

2004-Miami vs Florida (Peach Bowl) 27-10 Miami takes down the lifeless Gators (A)

2005-Wisconsin vs Georgia (Outback Bowl) 24-21 A good game with a close Bulldog victory (A)

2005-Iowa vs LSU (Citrus Bowl) 30-25 Iowa with bomb on the last play of game! Incredible (A+)

2005-Texas vs Michigan (Rose Bowl) 38-37 A Rose Bowl Classic with Vince Young at his best (A+)

2005-Utah vs Pittsburgh (Fiesta Bowl) 35-7 Utah proves themselves in a route (A)

2005-USC vs Oklahoma (Orange Bowl & National Title) 55-19 USC blasts OU as a 3 pt favorite (A+)

2005-Miami at Florida St 10-7 FSU wins late with botched Miami FG (A+)

2005-Iowa at Iowa St 23-3 Huge upset in Aimes as Cyclones win (A)

2005-Colorado St at Colorado 31-28 Back n forth in the end with Buffalo victory (A)

2005-Iowa St at Nebraska 27-20 (2 OT) NU throws for nearly 500 yards in record setting day (A+)

2005-Wake Forest at Nebraska 31-3 Huskers smash the Deacons at night (A+)

2005-Notre Dame at Michigan 17-10 Irish win in the Big House (A+)

2005-Texas A&M at Clemson 25-24 FG at the gun wins it for the Tigers (A)

2005-UCLA at Stanford 30-27 (OT) UCLA comes from 24-3 down with 8 minutes left to win it (A)

2005-Kansas St at Oklahoma 43-21 Sooners blast KState at night (A)

2005-Bowling Green at Wisconsin 56-42 High scoring Badger victory (A)

2005-Michigan St at Notre Dame 44-41 (OT) Incredible game with Spartan victory (A)

2005-Pitt at Nebraska 7-6 Good defensive game with crazy ending and NU victory (A+)

2005-Florida St at BC 28-17 Seminoles win on the road (A)

2005-Tennessee at Florida 16-7 Gators win this rivalry game (A)

2005-Virigina Tech at West Virginia 34-17 Hokies win in Morgantown (A)

2005-Michigan at Wisconsin 23-20 Badgers win at Camp Randall (A)

2005-Ohio St at Penn St 17-10 The Lions remain undefeated (A)

2005-USC at Notre Dame 34-31 Game of the Year! USC scores with under 10 seconds left with no timeouts to pull off an improbable victory (A+)

2005-Florida vs Georgia 14-10 Florida enjoys this cocktail party (A+)

2005-Notre Dame at Washington 36-17 Willingham couldn’t get his revenge in Seattle (A)

2005-Nebraska at Missouri 41-24 Smith runs and passes for 200+ yards in victory (A)

2005-Michigan at Michigan St 34-31 (OT) Michigan pulls off the upset in East Lansing (CSN) (A+)

2005-Texas at Oklahoma St 47-28 Texas was down 28-9 in the 1st half (A)

2005-Louisville at W. Virginia 46-44 (3 OT) Louisville blows this one in 4th qtr (CSN) (A+)

2005-Oklahoma at Texas Tech 23-21 Tech with TD on last play to win it (Fox Replay) (A+)

2005-LSU at Alabama 16-13 (OT) Bama suffers their first defeat (A)

2005-Florida St at Florida 34-7 Gators take down their rival (A)

2005-Auburn at Georgia 31-30 Great SEC battle late in the season (A)

2005-Kansas at Texas (JIP) 66-14 Vince Young show as the horns destroy the Jayhawks (A+)

2005-Penn St at Michigan 27-25 Mich wins with TD on last play of game (CSN) (A+)

2005-Miami at Virginia Tech 27-7 Miami blasts Tech at night on there homefield (A)

2005-Penn St at Northwestern 34-29 PSU with comeback on the road (CSN) (A)

2005-Oklahoma at Nebraska 31-24 Late comeback by NU falls short (A+)

2005-Ohio St at Penn St 17-10 The Lions win this battle of the Big 10 (CSN) (A+)

2005-Texas A&M at Texas Tech 56-17 Tech with massive offense and victory (A)

2005-Texas at Texas A&M 40-29 Longhorns takes out there biggest rival on the road (A)

2005-Ohio St at Michigan 25-21 Great rivalry game with Ohio St scoring late TD (A+)

2005-Nebraska at Colorado 30-3 NU pulls off the upset as a 14 point underdog in Boulder (A+)

2005-Georgia vs. LSU (SEC Championship) 34-14 Bulldogs take the Tigers in the Dome (A)

2005-Texas vs. Colorado (Big 12 Championship) 70-3 Vince Young and the Longhorns setup for there national championship with the beating of the Buffaloes (game cuts out with 2 minutes left) (A)

2005-Nebraska vs Michigan (Alamo Bowl) 32-28 Huge match up with one of the craziest finishes in years as Nebraska holds off the Wolverines (CSN) (A+)

2005-Oregon vs Oklahoma (Holiday Bowl) 17-14 Sooners pull off the upset of Top Ten Ducks (A)

2006-Ohio St vs Notre Dame (Fiesta Bowl) 34-20 Buckeyes too strong for the Irish (A+)

2006-Florida St vs. Penn St 26-23 (3OT) Great defensive game with FG’s deciding it (CSN) (A+)

2006-W. Virginia vs Georgia (Sugar Bowl) 38-35 Great game with Bulldog comeback (A+)

2006-Texas vs USC (Rose Bowl) 41-38 A Classic! Vince Young leads a late comeback and denies the Trojans a 3rd straight national championship (3 Hour Replay) (A)
2006-Florida St at Miami 13-10 Seminoles comeback and beat Miami at night (A)

2006-Ohio St at Texas 24-7 Buckeyes go into Austin at night and win easily (A+)

2006-Louisiana Tech at Nebraska 49-10 Huskers victory, great td catch by Tech (A)

2006-Florida at Tennessee 21-20 Gators win in Knoxville at night (A)

2006-Penn St at Notre Dame 41-17 Irish take out the Lions in big game (A+)

2006-Nebraska at USC 28-10 Trojans too strong for Huskers (A+)

2006-Notre Dame at Georgia Tech 14-10 Irish take out the Jackets in a hostile environment (A+)

2006-Notre Dame at Michigan St 40-37 ND with huge 4th qtr comeback to get victory (A+)

2006-USC at Washington St 28-22 Wash St almost pulls off upset (Fox 3 Hour Replay) (A+)

2006-Missouri at Texas A&M 25-19 Aggies win behind College Station (A)

2006-Michigan at Penn St 17-10 Wolverines with win at night in hostile environment (A)

2006-Kansas at Nebraska 39-32 (OT) Offensive shootout with Huskers holding on (A+)

2006-Texas at Nebraska 22-20 Huskers fumble late and give game away, great game (A+)

2006-Florida at Auburn 27-17 The Gators only loss of the year was to Auburn (2 Hour Replay) (A+)

2006-Oklahoma at Texas A&M 17-16 Sooners hold on in tough game in College Station (A)

2006-Nebraska at Texas A&M 28-27 Huskers with TD in the final seconds to get the North Title (A+)

2006-Missouri at Nebraska 34-20 Huskers win behind the home crowd (A+)

2006-Georgia Tech at Clemson 31-7 Ruckus Crowd with Tiger victory (ESPN Condensed) (A+)

2006-Texas at Texas Tech 35-31 Longhorns with big comeback in Lubbock (A+)

2006-Nebraska at Oklahoma St 41-29 Cowboys comeback after down 16-0 (A)

2006-Oklahoma at Missouri 26-10 Sooners take out the tigers in Columbia (A)

2006-Nebraska at Iowa St 28-14 Huskers win in hostile environment at night (A)

2006-West Virginia at Louisville 44-34 Offensive Big East Showdown (A+)

2006-Texas at Kansas St 45-42 (Fox Sports 3 hour replay) Wildcats upset #4 Texas (A+)

2006-Oklahoma at Oklahoma St 27-21 Sooners take out their rival (A+)

2006-Michigan at Ohio St 42-39 #1 vs #2 Game of the Year! (A+)

2006-Colorado at Nebraska 37-14 Huskers win this North Division rivalry (A+)

2006-South Carolina at Clemson 31-28 (Fox Sports 3 Hour Replay) Cocks with upset (A+)

2006-Notre Dame at USC 44-24 Trojans manhandle the Irish (A)

2006-USC at UCLA 13-9 Massive upset as Bruins take out the Trojans (A)

2006-Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (Big 12 Championship) 21-7 Sooners win this defensive battle (A+)

2006-Wake Forest vs Georgia Tech (ACC Championship) 9-6 WF with the victory (A+)

2006-Texas vs. Iowa 26-24 (Alamo Bowl) Longhorns comeback and beat the Hawkeyes (A)

2006-Georgia vs. Virginia Tech (Chick Fil A Bowl) 31-24 Bulldogs with comeback victory (A)

2007-Boise St vs. Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl) 36-35 (OT) Unbeliavable finish! Multiple lead changes in the final minute including a Hook N Ladder and then Boise St with a Statue of Liberty to win it with the 2 point conversion in OT (A+)

2007-USC vs. Michigan (Rose Bowl) 32-18 Trojans look great in 2nd half with victory (A+)

2007-LSU vs. Notre Dame (Sugar Bowl) 41-14 Tigers thrash the Irish (A+)

2007-Florida v s Ohio St (BCS Championship) 41-14 Gators pull off the upset impressively (A+)

2007 Appalachian St at Michigan 34-32 1 of the biggest upsets in the history of college football (CSN) (A+)

2007-Nevada at Nebraska 52-10 Huskers blasts Nevada in Lincoln (A+)

2007-Tennessee at Cal (Widescreen HD) 45-31 Cal’s offense too strong for the Vols (A+)

2007-South Carolina at Georgia 16-12 Gamecocks upset Georgia in Athens (3 Hour Replay) (A)

2007-Oregon at Michigan 39-7 Oregon goes into the bighouse and blasts the Wolverines (3 Hour Replay) (A)

2007-Nebraska at Wake Forest (Widescreen HD) 20-17 Huskers survive scare on the road (A+)

2007-USC at Nebraska (Widescreen HD) 49-31 Trojans dominate Huskers in Lincoln (A+) Also have game day in Lincoln which was the 2nd largest game day crowd behind NU/ND 2001

2007-Arkansas at Alabama 41-38 Great game as Ark comesback but falls short (3 Hour ESPN Replay) (A)

2007-Texas Tech at Oklahoma St 49-45 Awesome offensive shootout (Fox 3 Hour Replay) (A)

2007-USC at Washington (Widescreen HD) 27-24 Washington with late rally but falls short (A+)

2007-Kansas at Kansas St 30-24 Jayhawks upset the Wildcats (Fox 3 Hour Replay) (A)

2007-Oklahoma St at Nebraska 45-14 Cowboys dismantle the Huskers in Lincoln (Fox Sports 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Oklahoma at Colorado 27-24 Buffaloes upset the Sooners in Boulder (Fox 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Iowa at Wisconsin 17-13 Close game on a Saturday night in Camp Randall (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Oklahoma vs. Texas 28-21 Sooners get revenge in the Red River Shootout (A+)

2007-Florida St at BC 27-17 Seminoles win at night on the road in the rain (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Cal at Oregon 31-24 Great game as Ducks fumble into endzone seal the Bears victory (ESP 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Michigan St at Wisconsin 37-34 Great offensive game in Camp Randall (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Auburn at Florida 20-17 Auburn pulls off the huge upset in the Swamp at night (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Nebraska at Texas 28-25 Huskers blow lead in Austin (A+)

2007-Ohio St at Penn St 37-17 Buckeyes take out the Nittany Lions in hostile environment (A)

2007-Texas at Oklahoma St 38-35 Longhorns with comeback in Stillwater (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Cal at Arizona St 31-20 ASU with comeback in a packed house (Fox Sports 3 Hour) (A)

2007-USC at Oregon 24-17 Ducks defeat the high powered Trojans (Fox Sports 3 Hour) (A)

2007-South Carolina at Arkansas 48-36 High offensive game in Arkansas (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Nebraska at Kansas 76-39 The most points ever given up by Nebraska in there history (A)

2007-Alabama at Auburn 17-10 (ESPN 2 Hour) (A+)

2007-Miami at Florida St 37-29 Hurricanes with comeback win in Tallahassee (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Auburn at LSU 30-24 Tigers with last second TD to win the game (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Michigan at Michigan St 28-24 Wolverines with comeback in East Lansing (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Missouri at Oklahoma 41-31 Sooners too strong in Norman (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Arizona St at Oregon 35-23 Sundevils run ends in Eugene (Fox Sports 3 Hour) (A)

2007-BC at Clemson 20-17 Great game at night in Death Valley (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-West Virginia at Cincinnati 28-23 (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Louisville at W Virginia 38-31 Cardinals with comeback but fall short (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Texas at Texas A&M 38-30 Great offensive battle (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Clemson at South Carolina 23-21 Great game with FG at the gun (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Ohio St at Michigan 14-3 Buckeyes take out Lloyd Carr in his last game (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Illinois at Ohio St 28-21 Illini upsets the #1 Buckeyes at the shoe (ESPN 2 ½ Hour) (A)

2007-BC vs. Virginia Tech (ACC Championship) 30-16 Va Tech with the victory (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-LSU vs. Tennessee (SEC Championship) 21-14 Tigers defeat the Vols (A/A-)

2007-Oklahoma vs. Missouri (Big 12 Championship) (Widescreen HD) 38-17 (A+)

2007-Pittsburgh at W Virginia 13-7 Panthers pull off a massive upset in Morgantown (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Nebraska at Colorado (Widescreen HD) 65-51 Highest scoring game in history of this series (A+)

2007-Washington at Hawaii 35-28 Colt Brennan with 5 TD passes in big comeback (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2007-Missouri vs. Kansas (Widescreen HD) 36-28 #2 vs. #4 from KC (A+)

2008-Tennessee vs. Wisconsin (Outback Bowl) 21-17 Vols with victory (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2008-Michigan vs. Florida (Capital One Bowl) 41-35 Wolverines upset the Gators (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2008-Missouri vs. Arkansas (Cotton Bowl) (Widescreen HD) 38-7 Tigers dominate the Hogs (A+)

2008-USC vs. Illinois (Rose Bowl) 49-14 Trojans dominate the Illini (ESPN 3 Hour) (A)

2008-Kansas vs. Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl) (Widescreen HD) 24-21 Jayhawks with the upset (A+)

2008-West Virginia vs. Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl) (Widescreen HD) 48-28 WVU thrashes OU (A+)

2008-LSU vs. Ohio St (BCS Championship) (Widescreen HD) 38-24 Tigers get down early but eventually dominate the Buckeyes (A+)

2008-Tennessee at UCLA 24-21 Exciting early game in the year as Bruins upset Vols (A+)

2008-USC at Oregon St 27-21 (HD) Trojans get upset in Corvallis (ESPN 2 Hour Replay) (A+)

2008-Virginia Tech at Nebraska 35-30 Great game, Hokies pull off upset in Lincoln at night (A+)

2008-Kansas at Oklahoma 45-31 Sooners defeat the upstart Jay hawks (A+)

2008-Alabama at Georgia 41-30 (HD) Bama upsets the mighty Bulldogs in Athens (A+)

2008-Oklahoma St at Missouri 28-23 (HD) Tigers lose 1st game of year at home (A+)

2008-Ohio St at USC 35-3 Trojans destroy the top 10 ranked Buckeyes (A)

2008-Nebraska at Oklahoma 62-28 (HD) Sooners destroy Huskers at home (A)

2008-Nebraska at Iowa St 35-7 Huskers take out the Cyclones on the road (A+)

2008-Missouri at Texas 56-31 Offensive showdown goes to the Longhorns (A+)

2008-Nebraska at Texas Tech 37-31 (OT) Crazy game in Lubbick, NU with 4th qtr comeback (A+)

2008-Penn St at Iowa 24-23 Hawkeyes upset the #2 rated Nittany Lions (ESPN 2.5 Hour Replay) (A)

2008-Colorado at Nebraska 40-31 Henry with 57 yd FG with 1:43 left, Sue with defensive TD after that, crazy final 2 minutes in Lincoln (A+)

2008-Alabama at LSU 27-21 (OT) (HD) Bama continues there undefeated season in Death Valley (A+)

2008-BYU at Washington 28-27 Locker getting flagged for TD and missing Xpt (Fox 3 Hour Replay) (A)

2008-Florida vs. Alabama (SEC Championship) 31-20 HD Good game, Gators too strong 2nd half (A+)

2008-West Virginia vs. North Carolina (Car Care Bowl) 31-30 Fantastic battle (ESPNU Replay) (A)

2009-Georgia vs. Michigan St (Capital One Bowl) 24-12 Georgia with good 2nd half behind Stafford (A+)

2009-USC vs. Penn St (Rose Bowl) 38-24 USC puts this game away in the 1st half (A+)

2009-Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati (Orange Bowl) 20-7 Va Tech shuts down Cincy from the Big East (A+)

2009-Mississippi vs. Texas Tech (Cotton Bowl) 47-34 Offensive shootout in Dallas (A+)

2009-Iowa vs. South Carolina (Outback Bowl) 31-10 Big 10 dominates SEC in this one (A+)

2009-Nebraska vs. Clemson (Gator Bowl) 26-21 Huskers come from 21-10 to win it (A+)

2009-Texas vs. Ohio St (Fiesta Bowl) 24-21 Texas with TD with seconds left (A+)

2009-Alabama vs. Utah (Sugar Bowl) 31-17 Utes pull off double digit underdog victory (A+)

2009-Florida vs. Oklahoma (BCS Championship) 24-14 Gators win national title (A+)